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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

35 weeks 1 day

The last few days of CNY was spent with both sides of families and visits from a few relatives. Adel and Theodore came visiting today too. Without fail, I had naps the last few days as well because of the late nights we stayed up to catch up on missed dramas. I know is super bad for pregnant woman to sleep late but thanks to my job, I am unable to sleep early.

Baby is super active, she moves around every other minute. There's a pattern in her. If she does stunts every other minute, the following day she spares me from those rough movements. Last night she moved so much that my tummy was squarish and I felt serious bruise in the morning. Today, she continues with her stunts and my tummy was basically squarish the whole day. Actually, I felt so happy when she moves la, so really no complaints.

Tomorrow is a very sad day, we will be back working. Non-working days always pass faster than working days. Why like that! I reckon maternity leave days as well? I hope not because I want to spend more time with baby knowing that when I am back work, it will be hell hours again.

Talking about maternity leave, I still can't really decide when I should I be on leave before baby is out. Will see how it goes the next 2 visits. 

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