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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A splendid 2012

Frankly speaking, I entered 2012 with much pessimism. It was not a good start. Aside from the travelling, I did not have a job or didn't know what should I expect from a job. Job hunting was demoralising and finally I settled for a job that was not what I wanted but I adjusted my expectations to fit the new job. I had a bad bang on my back car bumper and so the car ain't perfect already.

Subsequently, hubby "threw in" a holiday spree in March 2012 and we had a fun time @ Hawaii. Supposed to be the last "holiday" because we expected our schedules should be full till end of 2012 and by 2013, we should be "making" a baby.

Little did we know, baby making came way to early for us and gave us a big shock in the middle of 2012. First trimester, July to mid September 2012, was full of rejections of food and seriously still not a tough first trimester for me. I was coping well and feeling all excited after all the shock. 2nd trimester was more of worrying weight gain. Aside of this worry, I was enjoying my pregnancy that I wish it could slow down a bit. I felt energized than I was before I was pregnant. I guess the fact that having a baby gave me all the strength and motivation in things that I does and I have. As I have just entered 3rd trimester, I don't what to expect but for sure I know, I have "exploded" to a very huge me!

Tokyo holiday was a result of my training and I extended a few days more to tour a bit of Tokyo and so that marks the last holiday before baby is out! Of course, with all the worries to travel while I am soon entering 3rd trimester then worries me lots, I kept very positive mindset to all negative comments, though still a bit perturbed by people's negative comments and trying to quote real live negative experiences till now. I just have to think they are not in my shoes and I don't owe anyone any explanations.

Therefore, when I looked back at 2012, first half was travels & job hunting and 2nd half is so much more interesting with carrying my own baby =) Cheers to 2012, with love and I welcome 2013 with open arms!

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