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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Today - 23 months 2 weeks 
Little sweet pea - 20 weeks 4 days

On the second day of cny, the Fok family came over and we had simple one dish meal prepared by my sil while I prepared some finger food. Relatives came over as well. Post meal, we went to temple to pray my fil and we went back home for Oli's nap and then we went to temple to pray again with my family. 

We had some time left before dinner time and we went to snack a bit at satay by the bay and then we took an evening stroll at marina barrage. It was such a good weather, so windy that we hardly sweat but we were all tired from the walking. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today - 23 months 1 week 6 days 
Little sweet pea - 20 weeks 3 days

Oli woke up late on the first day of cny and we were glad to be able to sleep in more. She's been quite whiny as usual but played very well with her cousins after almost an hr of warm up. We had vegetarian meal with the big Fok family and lots of cny snacking as well. We then headed back to grandma's place for visiting and Oli slept 3 hours, giving us some time to rest. 

Pretty boring actually coz there's nothing much to do on first day. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today - 23 months 1 week 4 days
Little sweet pea - 20 weeks 1 day

Still sick and still bad only till today I got better. Wasn't in cny mood either because I was so sick to do anything. However, I managed to clean altar table, clean Oli's room, vacumm the car and sent the car to the nearest petrol station for a good wash. Other than that, really did nothing much. I can't even queue for bak kwa but luckily had some lobang to get them for hubby. The house is cleaned by the helper but still messy. Basically, whatever is done because it's needed. Felt the last 2 weeks were really wasted because of most times on bed. 

I went for detailed scan yesterday and all went well. Baby at 20 weeks weighed 349g and growing well despite me not putting any weight. The gynae was concerned because it's already 20 weeks and yet there's no sign of me putting on any weight and referred me to a specialist to check my lungs and oxygen level. Really waiting for this ordeal to end. It's so painful to be sick.

We went Chinatown for our favourite cze char with my parents and sis and had a walk at the night market. We ended the night with desserts and Oli enjoyed stealing spoonfuls of mango pomelo and egg pudding. 


Monday, February 09, 2015

Today - 23 months 2 days 
Little sweet pea - 18 weeks 6 days 

It was a terrible sickness. I caught a flu and was handicapped on my own bed for the whole day. I can't even care for oli and arranged the school to take over. Hubby had to knock off early to pick Oli also. 

Missed Oli's monthly updates when she turned 23 month old on Saturday. On Saturday, I was terribly sick in the morning because of the cough and blocked nose I couldn't sleep the night before. It wasn't even 8am and Oli requested to go to the playground. She wore her shoes and all ready at the doorstep except still clad in her pj. We went out and she was so ready to conquer the playground. She climbed and did the slides independently till I couldn't take it and told her it's time to go home. Luckily, it wasn't really difficult to get her moving. 

This month also saw how Oli talks better, expressing herself better as well. She counts, learned a great deal of colors and slowly filling up blanks of ABC. Currently she's still at letter "c" of letterland. Hopefully I could hear more of her speaking words with letter "c" which she used to have difficulties with. She wears and takes off her own shoes, learning to wear socks on her own and trying to take off her tops on her own and getting better with wearing pants/shorts. When I picked her from school, she ensures her water bottle is packed into her bag and she picks them up from the cubby hole. She's getting so friendly in school that the cleaner usually has to stop by and reciprocate a hello or bye to her. Behavior wise, she's been getting worse. Many times, I lost my cool. She cries for no reasons or over the slightest stuff. When she insists on something, she persists till you lose the battle to her.

Little sweet pea's movements have been very frequent but as compared to her sis, he's more gentle. I remember Oli "swims" and kicks with lots of force in the tummy and many times it was like she was performing karate. Looking forward to the next detailed scan next week. That's halfway mark already! 

Monday, February 02, 2015

Today - 22 months 3 weeks 5 days
Little sweet pea - 17 weeks 6 days

Just when I thought little sweet pea is almost 18 weeks... Oli is going 2 in less than 2 months. Feels like why so fast...though I can't wait for little sweet pea to arrive. Can't wait to see how will he look like? This was one of the anticipation that I had totally forgotten when I had Oli. I had been so down in mood lately mainly because of household issues which I always think why it has to be me facing this problem where the family is so big and Oli has been really difficult to please that I lost my control because of my sudden fatigue. Hope things get better. 

The recent weeks saw Oli forming 2 words together more frequent than before and these few days she progressed to connecting 3 words together. Today, she saw her classmate with a pair of shoes, she ordered her classmate.."morning fleur.. Put shoes there.." Too cute to see a little bossy gal not just at home but in school as well. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today - 22 months 3 weeks 3 days
Little sweet pea - 17 weeks 3 days 

Presenting you an unbelievable 4mth pregger bump:

Met friends over 2 days and they couldn't believe I am only 17weeks plus with such a huge bump. I remember I was quite huge with Oli but it tapered down by 6m. I hope I don't get too complacent here and bump should be gradually growing and not just growing fats (oh my god!).

We had beach fun today and Oli was so cute to call Yirui, Ah Rui. Oli was scared of the small waves and she played the sand from faraway. We tried the new area of Palawan beach this round and Oli didn't quite like the water. We will be exploring more areas next round. This round we also took the sentosa express from vivo for a new experience for Oli and in fact it was more convenient to do so because if we drive in, the car park is so far away and all of us will be so tired from lugging the barang with us. We also sat on the tram to reach the destination we wanted to go. A whole new experience for Oli again.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Today - 22 months 3 weeks 2 days 
Little sweet pea - 17 weeks 3 days

My very opinionated gal wanted to wear a pair of red socks with her purple Maryjanes to school. On the way to the classroom, I told her it didn't match and it's ugly. She was angry and refused to say bye to me. Today isn't the first time she wore an unmatched pair of socks with her shoes. Everytime she "wins" she gave out a "wicked" laughter which is so funny. 

Little sweet pea has made his presence felt again last night. It wasn't kicks and again I do not know how to describe the movements made by him. The last few days I have been packing some hands me down from Oli's clothing for him. Not a lot but there are still some neutral colored clothings for him. Not that I am being unfair not to shop like how I shop for Oli before she was born, was more like we were blessed with many nice new clothings during baby shower then and ended with lots of clothes. So we are taking the clothes shopping slow and see how it goes after he's born. However, I got to admit I still melt when I see those cute infant gals clothings. Haha. 

I have been thinking quite a bit on what to name our boy. My friend and sisters can text me out of the blue suggesting names. Both wanted Orlando Fok. But erm.. I couldn't quite accept for now and we shall see how.