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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today - 20 months 2 weeks 4 days

I have been turning in around 11 these days if not there's a new HK drama serial I am chasing after. Hence, I have not been having any updates on Oli. While this place have a very small handful of readers, I usually treat it as my own personal diary that I will at times refresh where has the time gone to the last few days/weeks/months or even years. I don't think I can use an excuse of being busy to not update here because there are indeed times where I spend them just lazing around, chatting with friends or playing games. Efforts also needed to fill the spaces here.

Oli is still going through the post Penang problems - she wants me to carry all the time. Since we came back a month ago, she been wanting me to carry when I bring her to carpark, to school and worse, at home almost all the time when the daddy isn't around. Let's see when she's feeling secured all over again. But security issue? Last week I went out of the house with my gal friend, she can happily say bye to us without any fuss. 

Last Saturday I attended a wedding lunch and Oli has a great time with daddy at home. 

My cheeky gal always.. Never fail to fill our home with endless supply of love. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today - 20 months 1 week 4 days

Oli placed her baby on her highchair and tried to feed her milk. Often, when she feeds her baby milk, we tried to make fun of her by saying baby wants to watch YouTube or the baby don't want to open her mouth. Exactly the same like her. Sometimes she will give us a blur look or ignores us totally.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Today - 20 months 1 week

Oli has been very whiny, grumpy and crying tot. When I picked her up from school, she was crying all the way home because this mother didn't bring her car ride snack. 

So managed to keep her happy for a while with her favourite oatmeal raisins cookies while I cook her rice, fish and veg. Then she screamed again. I made her to grab a book and we had reading session. Then we have a short flash cards session as well. I guess it's really te to move on to another set of cards and we will come back to them when she can talk better. Right now, she can read most of them and recognized all of them. 

Before dinner also need to cry because she can't wait for me to scoop her soup. Then she jumped around and shouted soup! Soup! Very stressed. 

After dinner, she brought her fragrance oil stained toys to the bed and brought me a real shock. My maid accidentally left the wall fragrance on her kitchen toy sink and I guess she must have eaten them. I quickly washed her mouth and brushed her teeth. Sigh, my maid was very apologetic though. So tmr Oli won't have her favourite toys to play with as they are being soaked overnight. Maybe some outdoor bubbles play for her. 

This was taken at my mum's estate playground yesterday. She went round and round and kept chanting wet because it poured earlier. She was so disappointed that she didn't get to play them. We did a little hide and seek at corners and she was so happy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today - 20 months 4 days

These few days I just wanna lie down and do everything on bed, including having my breakfast. Since the Penang trip, I been feeling all time tired. Probaby need some exercise. I dun feel as tired when I go out though. Lol

Monday I brought Oli out with me to Great world for lunch and tea with E-Ling. The best time we had was when our 2 kids sleeping soundly in their bugaboo strollers while we drink our iced mocha and iced chocolate. 

When Oli woke up, it was kinda crazy because she wanted to walk and I had to managed both the stroller and her. Many times she wanted me to carry her. So by the time we were home I was totally exhausted and we laid on the bed. She wanted me to flash cards on her. Then she pulled me down from the bed by grabbing my toes and she shouted "down down!". Then I sat on her playmat and asked her where's the baby. This is to keep her busy so I could just sit. 

I told her baby needs to sleep please place her in the pram.

I asked her to check if her baby poop.

I told her to feed baby. 

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Today - 20 months 1 day

We visited Mindschamp and still prefer my first choice Pats currently. Also, didn't like the idea of having to pay deposit and registration and a month of sch fees upfront for 2016 enrollment. Hence, only when pats give an answer next year then we decide. 

It was early and we popped by common man for coffee. Had churros and Oli had a small bite.

We went home for lunch and we finally removed the sides of the cot because we want Oli to go to the bed on her own. No hard core training plan so I guess it will take months for her to learn. We told we have a new bed for her and she climbed up to her cot bed and had fun.

We met up with Jeanette and family and she's going to deliver her 2nd baby in less than 2 weeks time. The gals had some sweet moments of hugging and holding hands.

Oli loves to go supermarket and she usually likes to takes things off the shelves. 

It was raining when she was about to sleep. The thunder went on for a while. She patted her chest with both hands and said "scared scared". I taught her to cover her ears when the thunder comes. When it came, she quickly covered her ears. Then I ask her if she wants to sing rain rain go away. And she sings "rain rain... (Babbling went on)". Then she still couldn't put herself to sleep, she crept up to her daddy and laid on him and finally she slept. 

Friday, November 07, 2014

Today - 20 months old!

And that means we are 4 months away to her 2 year old birthday. Still thinking if we should do a kids birthday party. 

At 20month old, Oli has increased a wide variety of vocab (suddenly), be it recognizing or talking. It's so funny when we see her putting effort in pronouncing some of the complex words. In the morning when I dropped Oli off, the teachers were telling me they had some flash cards activities and Oli was the quickest among all in picking up the correct cards. Something positive finally. Most of the time when I pick her up, either she ended up in bloody scratched wound or if not she's up to no good and lately she's bitten by a boy in her class. 2 weeks back was worse, she fell off from the slide and bumped her head and fell off from chair, both times she was dazing.  Anyway it got better. 

Oli is funny when she exaggerates her pain. Like, she bumped her head but it was a very light knock and she will come running to me rubbing her head to tell me its so painful that she cried without tears. Also, she will accidentally knock her toes and then she will sit down and rub them and do a fake cry to tell me they hurt. My Oli...

Her appetite after dinner is huge that she down countless raisins, blueberries and biscuits. 

She likes to follow what we do. 

She loves drawing on her sketch book and before she does that, she says "sit" and "draw". We have to sit with her too.

I told her Oli please pose for mummy. 

And rarely she sleeps after a milk feeding.  

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Today - 19 months 4 weeks 2 days

Oli made a little progress. With her increase in weight and head circumference (still at 5 percentile), improved eczema wound, she finally took her chicken pox vaccination on Monday. Yes, very behind time. Anyway, hoping that she can hit 11.5kg in 6 weeks time and show some progress in height. Dear head, please grow faster can. 

On the same day, I brought Oli for a haircut. Sadly, the salon that we used to frequent at grandstand had closed down. Even the organic grocer that I used to get the chicken carcass had moved out as well. It was sort of a wasted trip despite I got ourselves some fresh mini peaches and blueberries. Then I quickly researched on the available kids salon but no one picked up my call and I managed to find one, not exactly kids salon at Dempsey area. Desperate (her hair was so long and we needed to be home for dinner by 6) enough, we zoomed down and Oli had her haircut. 

Before this haircut, grandma had to tie up her hair.

When asked to show a victory sign she gave this pose. Dem cute my gal. Sorry for being so 自恋.