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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today - 21 months 1 week 4 days

Oli woke up late and hence daddy has left the house for some help at some funeral. The first thing Oli woke up was to looked around the room and then she asked me, "papa where?". She looked around again and climbed down the bed. I went to make milk and she walked around the house looking for daddy. Then daddy surprised her with a reindeer in her coupe and she kept insisting it was a dog. Haha. Oli also chose her own dressing to school today. She picked her own leggings from the drawer within her reach and she waited for me to pick a top for her. My little tot is exercising her sense of dressing already. 

Because daddy drove the car out, we walked to school while Oli had her breakfast in her stroller. On our way, we stopped when we spotted pigeons and Oli goes "birds! Birds!". This round when we parked at the stroller at the security house, Oli was willing to walk up the slope with me to the school. Lucky for me, I do not need to carry her after a real long walk from home. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today - 21 months 1 week 3 days

Oli was down with fever the whole day yesterday. Now we are waiting for the swab test results to see what had happened. Despite having fever, she was having fun at the mall while waiting for her turn at the clinic. 

The oversized baby. Then she refused to leave the shop without having to try out the jumperoo and exersaucer which obviously she had outgrown them. 

Dr K shared blueberry allergy when I told her Oli had them almost everyday. It was interesting - I didn't know frozen berries are better than then fresh ones. I went to read more about the unripe fresh berries and indeed as what Dr K said, that was the cause of hives that Oli had last week. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today - 21 months 1 week

It was the school Xmas celebration yesterday where Oli and friends supposed to perform little snowflakes dance. But oh well, they were all little ones hence lots of crying before the performance. The principal said it was a thumbs up for Oli that she did not cry a lot and was doing well during the last minute rehearsal. However, things change when they saw the huge crowd. Some cried, one was using the snowflake prop to hit another, one was lost and Oli was sweeping the floor with her snowflake. She did maintain her eye contact with the audience for a while. The older kids of coz were doing well. 

It was a surprise that Oli did not cry running to us. We even had to hide along the second row. She saw us and she continued to perform. We owed it to her love for song and dance. At home, she likes to dance along with the music videos and now she can grasp very well with twinkle twinkle little star tune. Almost perfect. 

Talking about her love for stars. Last month on our way to Mt A to visit Jeanette, it was the first few days of orchard Xmas lightings. When we passed  by we showed her the stars hanging all over. The next few car trips, she will always point and shout stars without fail. When it's the end of the lightings, she will either say no more or finish. We haven't had the courage to walk along the road to enjoy the Xmas lightings coz Oli has been real difficult outside these days.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Today - 21 months 5 days

Both watching YouTube after their haircut on Sunday. Oli needs to watch her videos when she's having meals outside. Luckily she has kicked the habit of wanting to watch during meal times at home. However, when she comes home from school, she will say "see see". That means, she wants to watch. Usually I give it to her because it doesn't seem like an addiction so far and she has learnt a great deal of her vocab from those videos. 

Oli was clothed like a boy and I thought she looked quite handsome in it. Haha. That was because she insisted to take off the cover of her straw bottle and to drink from a cup as if. However, the neck of the straw bottle was quite difficult to control hence she lost control and wet her clothes. If not, she usually does well drinking straight from cup. It happened at joash's place hence wearing his clothes. 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Today - 21 months 1 day

Hubby on leave (finally) and we have free tix to sea aquarium from a bank! This was a planned day since months ago. 

My happy gal went wow wow wow when she saw the aquarium at the entrance and was basically amazed by the huge fish tank. She ran in on her own. The passerbys heard her and they all laughed. 

It was quite a good trip but the crowd was quite bad. It's hard to avoid though. Towards the end, Oli had a mini meltdown because it's her nap time. We managed to calm her quickly and she napped shortly after. We even had Starbucks treat after that while she continues with her nap. 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Today - 21 months old!

Yeah this month I hasn't been writing much and it was really like just that she's 20month old. My 21 month old gal is still a very happy gal. You can scold her and she cries the house/restaurant/any other public places down and the next moment, she will be giggling away. 

Today we brought her to Serene's house for a haircut. Got my ex-hairstylist to do the cut for her and of coz she cried. She never like people to touch her hair, eyes, nose and mouth. Super sensitive. Nonetheless, we got her hair trimmed. It was followed by water play with Joash. When it comes to water, it never fail to get her high. 

Today I decided to let her eat out with miso soup packed in Thermos jar as a standby. We originally planned to let her try fried rice but the one at soup restaurant isn't quite appropriate. Hence we got her white rice to accompany the miso soup and she had quite a bit of the samsui chicken. Isn't quite like having outside food, but a small step for her or rather me. I am still pretty reluctant though. 

We went shopping and she had so much fun running around and I was so tired by chasing her around and carrying her when she demanded it. Then she struggle to come down. If not she lay her whole body on me. 

Anyways, a summary of this month she's been so fun to be with. As her vocab grows, we are caught with surprises. In the parents teacher meeting in school, we saw how much she has progressed from the last round of PTM. Well done, my Oli! 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Today - 20 months 3 weeks 5 days

Oli today

Oli at 4m old

Both wearing the same clothes that lasted till now! Of coz the pants have shortened much. This set of clothes were given by Shiyun from a mall at Bangkok. The material is so good and hence, still wearing then till today. 

Oli used to sleep in the car on our way home from school but these few weeks she has been able to stay up till 130pm then she begins her 3hour nap. Hence, she will snack in the car and then have her milk when we reached home. We sleep together on my bed and I usually try to wake up earlier to prepare her juice and dinner. That's how it has been for the past few weeks. Just that, she been crying lots and asking for carry post nap. Today, she woke up happy and was able to play on her own and we even learned new words via flash cards. I showed her some Chinese songs via YouTube. I need some Chinese materials to gear up her mandarin. She did pick up in school like 眼睛,鼻子 and 嘴巴。 When I played some common Chinese songs she can follow, like she will 亮晶晶, 娃娃 and 比 (from 当我们同在一起)。 

Hopefully Oli can catch up more on her language development so as to better express herself without throwing tantrums.