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Friday, March 27, 2015

Today - 24 months 2 weeks 6 days
Little sweet pea - 25 weeks 3 days

We placed Oli in school for full day today so that we can go to pay our last respect to our dear LKY. I refused to post anything on social media other than here because only my blog is a private place shared by a few friends. I felt any mourning is private, solemn and personal. Hence, no selfies, wefies or claiming how many hours you have queued in social media.

We were lucky that an express queue was opened up today within the priority queue for the handicapped, families with strollers and pregnant lady like me. Being heavily pregnant and the lack of stamina was really blessed to get into the parliament in less than an hour. My thighs hurt in this pregnancy was suddenly gone  before queuing probably due to the determination to pay the last respect for LKY. 

We didn't want to bring Oli along because we were unsure how long was it going to take, the heat and suffocation that many warned and most importantly I am not sure if she's going to have a meltdown amidst the crowd and that will be too difficult to handle. When Oli grows up in a bit to understand better, I will educate her on how we have reaped the benefits from LKY's hardwork over the decades. Hence, anyone who feels they didn't make it with their children, it's really ok. 

I managed to bow a for a few seconds in front of the lying body and sadly for the first and last time, I am so near him. I teared a bit here and there over the last few days. I wasn't a born Singaporean and was blessed to be one when I turned 8 and I took my oath to be one at age 21. I remember so clearly at that point of time, I told my mum I am proud to be a Singaporean and glad that my parents came to make a living here. Along the way, I may have complained but who had never complain a single thing about Singapore seriously. Don't lie if u didn't, coz it's really ok. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Today - 24 months 2 weeks 2 days
Little sweet pea - 24 weeks 6 days

Oli woke up 5plus this morning and hubby broke the nation news to me. While the reality has yet to sink in, oli was crying for me and her diaper leaked and then she shouted for milk. It took a while with the coaxing, milk feed and diaper change before she fell back to sleep. I can't sleep when the reality finally sets in. Hence, when I slept I overslept and hubby even prepared breakfast for me and got Oli to sit on her stokke alone with her yogurt.

One of those things that came into my mind - I am thankful for what we have today and that our children will continue to benefit from all the fruits of labour. At the same time, without LKY in the coming years for my children, I felt a little scared, somehow. I don't know if anyone feels the same like I do. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today - 24 months 1 week 6 days 
Little sweet pea - 24 weeks 3 days 

It's been almost a week with no maid. I felt exhausted due to the endless housework and cooking when Oli is in school. With her around, it can be difficult but the only good thing is I get to put a stop to what I am doing and to be with her. 

No matter how tired and how much of loss of me time before I deliver my second baby, I felt it was a good riddance to my previous maid. I had enough of her unhygienic handling, dishonesty and her weird doings. I gave her chances thinking it was my first trimester hormonal change at fault. It proved me wrong, something was wrong with the maid. I can't believe the Lady Luck finally ran out that we got ourselves bad maids. With a new stay in caregiver, so far so good. She helps out in minor chores which is good enough for me actually. Mr Fok is happier with his dinner spread and Oli greets the stay in caregiver happily before we reach the door step. 

We ate out today because I declared that Friday is an off day in terms of cooking for me. I love to cook but the time consumed is eating into my time with Oli. We can be happier outside eating and shopping together like today. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today - 24 months 1 week 3 days
Little sweet pea - 24 weeks

Gynae appointment was yesterday and we did a quick scan. Currently little sweet pea has turned but it's so happen and it's still early which doesn't mean anything. Lately, I have been negative and thinking that this should be a breech again. That means, vbac is unlikely to happen. Why am I so hyped about natural delivery? I have no helper for now and I need to care for Oli. With post CSect stitching it's impossible. Can Oli understand I can't carry her? Who is going to send her to school? What will happen to her when I need to be hospitalized for 4 days if this is a CSect delivery again? I have been thinking a lot about what happen when I deliver. Oli to be placed at my mum's place and I will be worried if she cant do without us. We have been doing same trials every Sunday, to tell Oli that she needs to sleep over while we need to go home or work. She will stop whatever she's doing and pull us out from sofa and say go home. I did propose to my mum to stayover at my house, send her off to school transport and then she goes home to rest. But I reckon my mum can't adapt to my house. Lots of worries and worries about what is going to happen. I guess we just have to play by ear because kids change very fast. Today and 3 months later, Oli will be different. So no point worrying. I remind myself upteen times already. While the breech topic is still lingering in my head, Dr Chin made a good point that "as much as u want to care for ur firstborn, you also want reduce risk of a delivery for ur second child". True enough. Dr Chin says it will be good to do vbac but ultimately we want a safe delivery also. 

That's 3kg put on so far and in a month. Dr chin says max 12 kg means I have 9 kilos more to put on in 3 months. But it's so scary. 1kg per month please. This pregnancy really makes me feel hungry very quickly especially before I sleep. Luckily I can bear the hunger and sleep instead. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today - 24 months 5 days 
Little sweet pea - 23 weeks 2 days

We did a round up of term 1 in school today. Ms Raiya did a round up of the books read and an update on where they have learnt in letterland. Parents are also required to share with the class on topics learnt this term or share favourite books/toys/songs as well. Talk about this, it got me so stress for no reason. I only thought of what to present in the show and tell the night before. 

Hence, making use of the topic learnt, All by Myself, I brought a bag of socks, toothbrush, shorts, shoes and comb. These are items which Oli loves to wear/do on her own. Indeed she did show improvements in showing more independence with doing things on her own after learning All by Myself in school. During the show and tell, she was sitting on my lap and giggling away. Not sure why she giggled and as I shared with the class and parents, all of them were laughing away with those funny things I shared about Oli. It was after a fun session and not that stressful afterall.

Post show and tell, I joined them for a while for their outdoor activity. I observed Oli was quite a good gal who listens to the teacher's instructions. When told to put on shoes on the bench, she did so. Then when asked to choose a trike/car/bicycle she chose one and sat on it and got me to push her around. I also realised she could call out her classmates' names very well. When the teacher got them to park them away, she did so and instructed her friends to do the same like a little bossy gal!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today - 24 months 3 days 
Little sweet pea - 23 weeks

Wow! Little sweet pea is already 23weeks! Movements are getting more intensed these days, even when I stand I could feel him squirming around. 6 more days to see him on the screen! 

I was surprised to see my 2 year old's fringe all tied up when I picked her from school. It's so rare that she allows people to touch her hair, let alone to tie. She had a pretend play in school today where they patronize the hair salon and they have to pay for the services requested, hence, she requested the fringe to be tied with Fleur. Some friends have hair wash, hair cut etc. It sounds too fun to be in school! 

Daddy is on leave today resulting Oli clinging on to him as usual. While daddy is sitting on the playmat, Oli is busy making juices in her own kitchen. And me, preparing her dinner in the real kitchen! :)

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Today - 2 years old! 
Little sweet pea - 22 weeks 4 days

It was a long day. Daddy ran around different places to get the balloon, bought kueh and chix wings. In between, settling a clingy 2 year old who plugs on to him all the time. For mummy, get the 2 year old routine done as usual and prepared finger food, salad and sandwiches for the high tea party. 

The party was kept small with about 28pax including kids since we decided to do it at home. When I thought I could do more than I can for the party since I am not working, the sickness got me down. However, I felt it was quite sufficient. I had planned to personalised each goodie bag instead, think of a better designed cake though I am quite please with the current one, better food source and more party planning. Things seemed to be doing fine actually in my own opinion. My bestie kris, also my party planner did all the poster and goodie bag sticker for me. 

We had not expected Olivia to be so happy and aware of the party. We were wrong. When I asked her whose birthday today, she will say Olivia! When asked how old is she, she says 2! She was so happy during the cake cutting session when all attention were given to her. She loves birthday cake, birthday song and candles. 

Felt a little emo actually, we came a long way and yet I felt time is short. Like... What!?! Oli is 2 already!