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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today - 16 months 3 weeks 3 days

Met up with Ting and Aiden over brunch today at holland v and we went to pick Oli together. Of coz Oli couldn't nap and she had so much fun with Aiden around. 

Oli has picked up "there" last week and chant them all the time. When I ask her where's daddy/papa, she will chant (yes: read chant) she will pa pa non stop. 

I usually read to Oli when she picks the books in the basket. I want her to take more initiative in motivating herself to read. Lately I have been teaching her about body parts or actions via singing "if you are happy". Previously she claps her hand, stomp her feet and raised both hands when I say shout hurray. Now, she taps her head, pull her ears, points her nose. That is if she's in happy mood though.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Today - 16 months 3 weeks

Oli is getting better with her meals these 2 days. It's really like a roller coaster when it comes to meal times. Most of the times are bad and few times they are good. When I meant good, it meant we managed to keep her entertained and she doesn't spits out but refusal of opening of her mouth is another problem but yet I define them as good times - simply put, she finishes her meals. 

Let me do some writing on her food:-

I think I quite get the hang of cooking her meals which I thought it was something beyond me. Having not to work especially in a heart attack environment meant more time to think about her meals. You know, fussy eater like her doesn't like repetition. For health sale, I do not cook 2 meals at one go unless it's soup but yet done differently. More work but I love fresh food for Oli. 

Weekdays (mon to thurs) lunches are settled in school and breakfasts as well. Hence, Oli usually consume soups which were meant for us. Before adding salt, we will scoop her portion out and set aside for her. Sometimes, I will use the soup to cook porridge for her. For veg, when it's green leafy veg she consumes ours too but cleansed with hot water till bland. If our veg doesn't suit her diet, I will always have purple/green spinach or broccoli or wakaname as standby for her. For meat, she takes our fishes if not, I will always have threadfin/cod in freezer. Chicken drumsticks as well - cut and wrap to each meals needed. Lately, I have introduced minced meat back to her diet and she's taking them well. All are individually cling wrapped so they are packed to single meal basis. 

For weekends (sat to mon) when I needed to settle breakfast, lunch and dinner I never run out of ideas. In fact, I have so much that I wish I can prepare weekday lunches for her. 

Breakfasts are always rotated with bread with grated bega cheese, cereal with puffs, scrambled eggs and lately or rather finally, I introduced steel cut oats for her. But steel cut oats is really yucky unfortunately even with fruits. So Eimi gave me the idea that I can add yogurt which apparently it's so much better even though Oli doesn't enjoy them altogether like how she loves yogurt with blueberries on it's own. When the steel cut oats finishes, I would probably change to rolled oats. But then again, it's really a big pack of steel oats and it will take ages to finish them actually. So may give them up if it's so torturing for her to enjoy breakfast. 

Weekends lunches and dinner are usually day time soup with rice and the balanced soup is used to cook porridge. Sometimes, noodles are used. Some Sundays dinner when settled by my mum, lunch is usually porridge cooked with homemade chicken stock, pork stock or fish stock. With all these variation, now I do not need to think hard on what to cook for Oli. On super fussy days, I find that she prefers light meals which porridge in fish stock is usually easier to feed and more appetitising for her. 

Here are 2 of the meals prepared recently:

Millet ramen with spinach and chicken drumstick

Chinese soup, broccoli, tofu and cod fish

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Today - 16 months 2 weeks 6 days

The past few days were bad. Oli's meltdown was terrible. When I shared with friends of her meltdown, they said theirs as well. Then I got them to decribe what's their definition of meltdown. 3 friends said the same thing - they cried very loudly and fussed about. Ok, let me share what's Oli's meltdown - she cries, she gags, shivers, body turn red and purple and she throws herself on the floor and at times she bangs her head. Piangs, as I write all these, I think it's pretty serious. Even the always positive infant care says Oli needs some character build up I think it's really somewhat serious. Sigh. 

Hence, we are placing her full day when she turns 18m because picking her at 1 is pretty disruptive to her single nap even though these days she can managed to hold on till about 1plus and that is IF she doesn't do much in the mornings. But in school it's different because they do outdoors, craft works, music lessons, role plays and more. So by 12 she needs to be down. So, hopefully with a better routine in school helps.

Time passes so quickly and I have said this a million times. When I quit my job, I thought to myself there's a long way to go before she goes full day (so I can gain more freedom) and now she's left with a month only. Suddenly, I felt lost and I don't need that freedom actually. Should I go back to workforce or just stay around to see how she fairs? Anyway, most likely I skip Monday for more quality food and sleep at home and of course more time with own mummy. I hope by then we won't be struggling with food and milk fuss and meltdown of course. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today - 16 months 2 weeks 3 days

Phew. Oli is so much better today. When we left her with the teachers today, she was happy and she walked to the breakfast table. Before we left, she waved goodbye to us which was rare and I guess this was because daddy was around today to drop her off. 

When I picked her, she ran towards me. She picked the bag from the cubby hole with the help of her teacher and wanted to carry her bag. So I strapped her bag on her back and she was so happy. 

Usually she will fall asleep the moment she got into her car seat but today she managed to hang on till we got home. When we got home, I will give a a quick wipe down and change her to a clean set of clothes. When I went to make her milk, she went in to her bedroom to pull down her muslin cloth and walked to my bed. She then fed herself with the bottle of bed and soothed herself to sleep. Halfway through, she cuddled up to me and gave me a wet kiss and bite my thighs (not sure why she loves to do that prior bedtime!) and she went back to sleep in less than 2mins. Hi Oli, if everyday is as good as today, your mummy will be a happy mummy. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today - 16 months 2 weeks 2 days 

Wonderful morning with Adel. We had brunch and she trimmed my eyebrows for me. When I thought morning was so fine and great, afternoon was really a struggle. In fact, Oli gave us a hard time in the morning as well. 

Oli had a series of meltdown in school yesterday and today. Same at home. Before milk and diaper change, she had to go through a small episode of meltdown for no reason. Then it got worse at night, she was so persistent to mess up the kitchen yard and when I stopped her she cried. She cried to the extend her face turned red, she gagged and shivered. She threw herself and wanted my helper and her daddy to carry. I was so firm that I refused and only allow her daddy to carry when she calmed down. Sigh. 

Oli after diaper change. She threw herself and cried badly.

Again, I felt alone. Alone in the sense, I am struggling everyday with her behavior problem. Will sending her to school full day makes things better? Will it compromised with her health - my main reason why I quit my job?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today - 16 months 2 weeks 1 day

Music class today. I kind of not looking forward as much as before because I prefer the previous teacher. The current one is more theoretical while the previous one focus more on how music helps the infant/toddler's mental and motor development. Anyway, Oli is moving on to the playgroup class soon and hopefully it's not the same music teacher. Need to find out. 

I hasn't been sleeping well since last week. Oli hasn't been able to sleep through and this is not because she needed milk. She didn't want to sleep in her own cot bed. Either she outgrown the cot bed or she didn't want to be alone in her own bedroom. She falls asleep almost immediately when she was brought in to our bed. Hence, having very bad headache today and I popped 2 panadol. I wonder when will this last, 

We went botannical again today but to another area and met up with serene and joash. Oli fed the turtles and fishes and learnt how to tear the bread into smaller pieces to drop them to the pond. I guess the running/walking up and down the slopes made Oli super tired and she asked to sleep by 8plus! I hope we can do this often, not everyday though! Mummy can be tired also. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today - 16 months 2 weeks

Oli woke up at 520am and hubby brought her in to our bed. I made milk for her but she refused to allow me to feed her. She handed the bottle to daddy. Second time in 2 days. The first bottle of the day must be from daddy. It's so cute. I didn't know toddlers have a preference to whom gives them milk. 

Hence Oli woke up almost 9am thereafter and all plans were so-called foiled. We were supposed to up early and send daddy to work and then make way to ICA for her passport collection. So poor daddy had to take a train to work at 8am because he has a training to give. Before leaving for work, daddy even packed ready the diaper bag and got the documents ready for the passport collection. So nice. My hubby is really a super hubby and super daddy. There's so much little little things he does for the both of us.

It was crazy at ICA. The carpark was full and crazily packed with cars waiting for lots. Oli was making so much whining and I made her milk and got down to feed her. We were late as well. By the time we got to ICA, it was so crowded. Then I got very paranoid because lots of people were coughing and sneezing away. Oli got bored and wanted to stand on the chair. I stopped her and she cried so loudly that we excused ourselves. She refused to walk or even stand and I carried her with my handbag and a diaper bag for the next 30mins. Collect a passport only but seemed like so much work. 

We basically nua the afternoon away with playing and some reading. Oli was bored and her eyes went "ding! ding! ding!" when I said let's go out! She quickly grabbed her shoes and mine at the door. She was pacing up and down while waiting for the lift.

She's napping at this hour - OMG. I reckon she will slp very late and if she can't go back to sleep later, we will go and fetch daddy from his dinner talk later.