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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today - 17 months 3 weeks 2 days

We finally said goodbye to our helper of 5 years. She's going back to Myanmar for good, for some business opportunities for which I am glad she has found a direction in life. Before she was with us, she stayed in her hometown in the midst of the mountains for almost 4 decades. I hope she's glad to have us as her employers and I am sure she did, if not wouldn't have worked for us for 5 years though she had planned to go back last year. She didn't because I think she didn't want to leave my mil in lurch - last year my mil has stopped walking entirely and was coping a whole bout of bed sores even till today. Also, I had Olivia and I also guessed Olivia had brighten her life here a lot. Imagine working for a house with an elderly that can't hold a conversation and a pair of young couple (us) - it's plain boring. Many times I see her "like dont know what to do" because we gave her lots of free time to rest/nap. And of course, I didn't expect a lot from her but at the same time I wasn't really satisfied with some of her household chores skills. I never tell her off because since day 1 we wanted her to fully divert her commitment to my mil which she did and her commitment impressed me lots which at times I think I am such a bad daughter in law. Since her presence, I literally hands off my care for my mil to her. 

She cried when she said goodbye to my mil whom she had wholeheartedly care for 5 years. It was kinda heartbreaking when I saw the situation. Emo emo. 

The whole time at the airport, Oli was hugging and kissing her. I felt so painful - I don't know how to cope with her departure that I cried and I do not know how Oli feels. Poor Olivia was looking for her around the house today. Hubby and me didn't even dare to utter a single word about her. I hope we can do a video call some time later. 

We had good experiences with all our helpers. Our previous helpers did drop a message to us to ask how we are doing after they left. Of course good experiences were also because we treated all our helpers well. We do not overwork them, they eat what we eat, we gave them privacy and space, let them feel a sense of warmth, not to overly micro manage them and reward them with monetary awards or buy them good stuff. It's a 2 way thingy and how it makes everything works. I hope our luck doesn't run out and may this current or new helper turns out well. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today - 17 months 3 weeks

Oli's had a bad eczema this week. The last 2 weeks showed signs but were well controlled till this week. When we picked her up from the cot, her hands were covered with blood. So were the blankie, bedsheet, pj and pillow. 

We went to Dr Khor yesterday and took another step that may cause this round of flare. Dust mite is one - we started to transition her into full day, meaning she sleeps in the childcare. Could be but not sure. Peanut is another - I have recently started to get my helper to fry her veg with canola and garlic. Canola may contain traces of nut. We don't know. If this round of flare doesn't clear off soon, we need to see an allergist pd. 

Hence, we are delaying her full day program again by still doing 2 full and 2 half till her skin gets better. I will continue to steam and boil her veg more and replace canola oil with grape seed oil. Hopefully by Saturday, we can report a much better skin to Dr Khor.

Aside the flare and such, Oli has been saying "bye bye" and did a different bye sign this round. It's so cute that I always get her to say bye bye as and when. For now, she loves me to read her "I love my daddy". When I read " I love my daddy because he is big and strong" she will do the pose that I been teaching her the past few days. It's really funny. Another book that she likes to read during dinner time is "pigs knickers". It's kind of a wordy book so I usually will get her to point me the cow, sheep, goat, pig and house. When I say where's the sheep, she will say "baa baa". This was a result of too much baa baa black sheep video. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing. Haha.

My busy tot eating her snacks while walking around in Paragon. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks 3 days

So the multi-grain porridge in fish carcass stock turns out to be ok but she was so so restless which resulted I had hard time feeding her. Dinner was worse, she couldn't accept the fish and French beans that my mum cooked. Let's hope for the better. A big pot of chicken carcass cooked and stored! 

So meaning we can add 1 more variation to her food for our upcoming trip. Going Penang to attend wedding only, kinda stress over the food preparation and what not actually. I sort of planned what to bring and cook already. 

This also explains why we haven been going holidays since we had Oli. Many factors or in short not as gung-Ho as most parents. 

1) I don't allow routine to break consecutively for few days.

2) No outside food for Oli please. Then the paranoid me will think what if there's food poisoning, so better not. Then cook? Then what is holiday leh?

3) Holiday to me means to go Europe or states or somewhere that takes us more than 10 hours of flight. Then how to go if I need to cope my jet lag and her jet lag altogether.

Too much worries for a worrying mum. Unless I can get over the above 3, if not no holidays for the time being. Anyway, we have travelled quite a fair bit before we have Oli. So I kind of forget what's the feeling of going to airport and taking aero plane already. Dem sad. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks 2 days

Phew, menses came. Hahaha. I know sound kind of bad but really not now now now hor, 2nd one. Every month when my menses is late, I will imagine if I am pregnant again. 

Last week when we decided to limit to story telling at her highchair and a whole episode of throwing tantrums and creating a naughty corner for Olivia, it seemed that she had understood us though she did fuss a bit to test market. It was so much maneagable than before. However, I hate it when I have to "threaten" her with naughty corner the first few days. I didn't want to be harsh so when she got better as days go by, I asked her nicely if she prefers to be a good gal or she wants to go naughty corner. Hence, lunch was done in 10mins to 15mins at times. It was really a good move. Previously she was so engrossed with those stuff on her tray and now, she will tell me to scoop this and that from her bowl and always gave me a big grin when she gets to eat what she wants. I hope I don't jinx what I say, the last week was really good. Tmr I will be trying multigrain porridge for her and hopes she  takes them well. 

We brought her to west coast park for some sand play with YS this evening.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks 1 day

So I did go to the fair and luckily it wasnt crowded but the queue for Mothercare booth was crazy. I dropped off from the queue after 2 minutes and Shuh Yi called out for me. She offered her maid who was already in the queue to queue for me as well. So I went around to shop and basically there's nothing much for me. Registered with mindschamp so that they can call me to view tanglin branch one of these days. Got 4 packs of refills for serene and myself and off I go to collect my car at the carpark. All waxed and washed! 2 Objectives met. 

Then I walked to millenia to collect my ritz  mooncakes and rewarded myself with koi for walking so much. Then I walked back to Marina to get changing mat. Another 2 objectives met. I went home and had such a big bowl of lunch and picked Oli. 

Hubby had files to review so we can't watch our HK drama. So I am here writing and thinking of the recipe for tmr's baking. I wanted to pack my wardrobe but I am freaking tired from as if no sleep the night before and being out almost the whole day. So I will just slowly drift off to sleep. Before I do so, let me think what's for Oli's meals and home activities for tmr.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks

The last few days were kinda packed with stuff. New maid came, visited both Pats, met Adrian for super long lunch and 2 gal frds for our usual fried chicken lunch. Tmr is Friday already. Since Oli is attending sch beyond half day, I will collect mooncakes from Ritz, wax the car and not sure if I will squeeze into Rise and Shine fair. Hopefully by 3 plus, I can pick Oli. 

Monday hubby was on leave so that we can go for our free buffet. Prior to buffet, we had some morning fun with the super exp bubble machine from elc (finally we opened the box) at our fav Eco lake. 

Lunch was good but was freaking tired from such a full stomach. Felt so bad leaving Oli behind but we felt she needed to have quality sleep at home. Also, we needed to pick new maid.  Then I got so tired from thinking about Oli when I waited for hubby for almost an hour to pick the new maid. When I came home, I hugged Oli super crazily. Hahahaha. Luckily we didn't bring her along, she napped for 3 hours! 

The visits to both Pats were kinda good. I hope Oli gets a place at the branch near our house. The compound was huge. They are double storey and they have a glass house for music classes. They have a huge playground that looks so fun. There's a circuit for them to cycle and a stage for performances when needed. Aside the fun part, I like the syllabus they used and they have both Chinese and English teacher in each class and a qualified music teacher. Pick up and drop off is easy for the branch near our house. I like how they use sensory teaching and how hands on the principal is. 

Oli and joash had so much fun with water today:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today - 17 months 1 weeks 3 days

Today I decided to not give in to Oli's need for entertainment on her high chair during breakfast and lunch. It's getting way too much. She's really doing them intentionally such that she refused me to feed her because she knows I don't give in all the time like her daddy or the helper. With entertainment, she doesn't eat well also because it must be the RIGHT entertainment for her if not she refuses to open her mouth or she spits them all over. So there's really no point to give in to her. If we don't get through this, it's gonna to be an even long way to go.  

She got very big scolding from me. I was very fierce, at the top of my voice because I couldn't control myself. Sigh, but I have to because she doesn't take me seriously. 硬碰硬 and hence she lost it and had as if a meltdown but on her highchair. She finally gave in and took her food seriously. I explained to her if she eats well, she's a good gal and I got her to look at the floor and told her when the floor is cleared of the things she usually throws, it means she's a good gal. Then as she eats well, I kept praising her and explain why eating well is good and that she can quickly get down from the highchair and play/sleep as she wished. During all the scoldings, the daddy must not be around and the helper cannot give any eye contact to her. Harsh. Oh yeah. But anyone can tell me is there anyway to deal with this better?

However, during dinner time she was so tired from walking whole day and had to nap an hr at her car seat. It's only this time, I entertain to her request. She's genuinely tired and was overstimulated. 

I hope tmr is better. Please.