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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia - 41 months 2 weeks 2 days
Owen - 13 months 3 weeks 2 days

My ballerina. 

It has been almost a month since i enrolled her into the ballet class near our place. She has been doing ok probably because her best friend from school attends ballet with her.

My baby gal is an independent gal. Even though we have a helper at home, she unpacks her sch bag, undresses herself to bathe, dresses herself up post bathing, feeds herself most of the time, makes sure her bag is packed completely before she goes sch and able to pack the toy area neatly, correctly categorized somemore. 

Taken 3 months back. I was putting the brother to sleep and the daddy Whatsapp me to say that oli has packed the play area on her own. 

Once I was doing laundry, she asked me to have breakfast first and she will help me out later. Another time, my hands were full of grocery bags and she offered to hold my car and home keys and said "later you drop, so I hold ok". When I feed her dinner that day, she carressed my face and gave me a kiss. Haha. So random. 

When they say gals are sweeter it's quite true. Let's see if Owen is sweet to his mummy when he grows older. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Olivia - 41 months 1 week 5 days
Owen - 13 months 2 weeks 5 days

My baby little man

My big baby

Few weeks back, we went to ACM. Every weekend, if there's no parties to attend, we usually crack our heads where to go. Places to go are aplenty actually but it's the hot weather that makes it tough. Just that weekend we went to botanical and the following day to ACM, Owen's skin broke because he has sun allergy. Not that we don't know, but Murphy's law is such that when you think the weather is great, it just had to be freaking hot when you reach the garden grounds. So the next day, we decided to keep the kids indoor by going ACM but because we can only park our cars at Parliament House, the walk to ACM was.... You imagine...Poor Owen's skin went downhill from then and the use of Tula made things worse because the friction against the skin hits the right spot where the eczema is. 

I have Tula and manduca. Tula was a newly bought carrier when I gave birth to Owen because I wanted a carrier to belong to each kid though my big baby doesn't use it anymore. Between the 2, if anyone were to ask me on which to get, the answer is the obvious. Tula has its pro because when I transfer Owen from carrier to bed, it's easier because it unbuckled easily (makes it less support) and hence less disruptive to transfer a light sleeper. Manduca is snug and the neck support is way better for an infant.

Ok, more pictures that was taken at ACM. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Olivia - 41 months
Owen - 13 months 1 week

41 months. Almost midway to turning 4 and that's pretty scary because didn't we just celebrated your 3rd birthday? 

You are a better sister now. In the car you always talk a lot to your brother and get him to clap with you, laugh with you and always happy to have him. 

On good days you read to your brother, play well with him. There were bad days where you hoard all the toys and refused to share. 

You share your fruit juice with your brother. You fed him. So sweet.

Today you fed him afternoon snacks. Before your brother drops those crumbs, you took a piece of tissue to make sure those crumbs doesn't fall on to the floor. How sensible now. 

We started jigsaw late with you but you mastered them so quickly and displayed your strategy to manage them. 

You also started your ballet lesson with your best friend. 

You fell sick. 

You still love birds. 

You really love to pose these days. Also, had demands like how you want to pose, where should I be standing and when should I snap away...

Happy 41 months, my big baby. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Olivia - 40 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 13 months

Time had past way too fast this month. Shortly after the boy turned 1, he walked a few steps unassisted and have been doing so till now. No progress so far but slowly, the route to walk, run or even jump is still far ahead of a little boy. 

Imitates us more often now. Like combing hair, action of holding a phone, pointing controllers to tv and fans and I see it coming more. Grooves to music and repeatedly play the song so he can groove left to right, right to left. Also, front to back, back to front. My little groover laughs at himself for doing so. 

Loves sitting on a stool because the sister taught him to. One day when I came out of the kitchen I found the both of them standing on the stool jumping and dancing on it and my heart nearly sank. Sometimes moments like this (picture above) made my heart skipped a beat too. 

As of now, my baby boy cut 6 teeth and this week, it has been bad. Teething kills his appetite and latching on and off in the middle of the night. The saliva of his is so thick that it stretches so so so long, if you know what I meant by saying so. 

Therefore, sleep is still a problem. Weaning you off is still heading nowhere. It's ok, i often tell myself it's ok because it's all for you, my boy. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Olivia - 40 months 2 weeks 1 day
Owen - 1 year 3 weeks 1 day

Just 6 days after my son's first birthday, he walked unassisted for a few days and then it went on till now. Not much improvements but no hurry. Just walk when we go for our next holiday in sept ok, so that I can enjoy better. Where home is concern, when you walk I know it's a big headache because this house is super not child friendly. 

Today, Owen attempted to climb up the sofa. Sent a little shock because he's quite a daring little fellow who does thugs beyond his means sometimes. 

Things at home went through quite a bit of change for the past almost 2 months. My mil has gone to nursing home and we have been visiting every week. She looks fine, refreshed, neat and looks well taken care of. I hope we made the right choice in getting her the best care.

For this period we have no maid and frankly speaking I enjoyed the privacy a lot though I am dead tired everyday with the endless housewrk and very lack of sleep. I think I lost weight which ain't a bad thing afterall. My hand wrinkled overnight and it's a very bad thing actually. 

Since I am not working, rightfully housewrk doesn't spill over to almost midnight BUT my dear son cling on to me as long as his eyes are open. Even when his eyes are closed (sleeping) he doesn't let go of me. He needs to be co-napped and sometimes I steal pockets of time during the naps to prepare dinner and running back to the bed in case he stirs. Many times, when I really really need to cook or do some stuff, he will be screaming away, hugging my legs... Like begging me to not go like that. Even when I do housewrk during his bedtime, he stirred so many times and it's so disruptive. Hubby got to carry him to put him back to sleep because I will be so drenched in my own sweat from doing housewrk. When it got so bad (always), I rush to bathe, a very quick one so I can latch him back to sleep. So this is what we have gone through everyday for the last 2 months. 

Oli on the other hand, has been quite good except that she eats so slow that I got to nag like an old woman. 

Actually I would rather he messed up the kitchen, at least he can leave me alone. 

Maid has arrived on Monday and have taken over most of the housework but I am still cooking because she can't cook. Slowly, no hurry because I enjoy planning meals for my boss (husband). 

Other than Owen, why did we need a maid?
- hubby wrks late
- zero parental help
- as what hubby says I quit my job to take care of kids and not to do housewrk 
- time shouldn't be spent on housewrk but the kids 

Lastly, he says I will become old if I continue to do housewrk. Ok, I have really aged a lot during this period. 

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Olivia - 40 months 
Owen - 1 year 1 week

To a gal who loves to pose...

And a gal who loves to dance, sing and read. 

Happy 40 months! 

You have been great in front of the camera. You caught me surprise when you asked me to take a picture of you posing. You give me the brightest smile ever when you are happy. 

You dance a lot these days. You turn on the player and dance like no one is watching. Sometimes, you say "mummy! See I am dancing!" 

You sing! Albeit errr...painful to the ear because you been screaming the song away at times I still love to hear you sing especially days of the weeks and months of the year. I like how you creatively inject lyrics from nowhere to a song. I heard you, you're funny! I like it when you request in the car, "mummy! Let's sing together!", though you know nuts about pop songs but you try to follow hard the lyrics and rhythm. Funny u!

You read with imagination by narrating a lot on what's shown on each pages of the books. If not for this holiday week, I would have never guess you are so imaginative! 

May you continue to shine, my little grown up. 

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Olivia - 39 months 4 weeks 2 days
Owen - 1 year 6 days

Owen made his debut baby steps today. We were at a friend's home and he walked a few steps and slammed the floor. He also showed signs of using his palms to support himself up from a flat ground on his own. So coincidence, just when I was telling Christine that Owen might take a long while to walk on his own because he skipped a step and went straight to walking with our one-finger support. The next day, he walked. 

With oli only started to walk steadily at one day shy of 15months, I was quite convinced that Owen might follow same. Siblings mah, same same but different rule applies. 

So it kinda caught me with surprise that Owen's milestones is more or less on time. Seriously, I am pretty relaxed this round because firstly, Owen wasn't a breech at birth which caused me a hell of worry with oli that she might not be "normal". Secondly, I gave him floor time I guess? Because without much help, I often left him on the floor, when he could crawl he crawled on his own, when he can cruise he cruised on his own because too much housewrk or cooking to be done even when we had a maid. Lastly, second time mother, sure relaxed and learned from mistakes already. 

With him slamming hard on floor he needs more practices. I hope no more blue blacks on the head please. Boys.....