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Friday, August 22, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks 1 day

So I did go to the fair and luckily it wasnt crowded but the queue for Mothercare booth was crazy. I dropped off from the queue after 2 minutes and Shuh Yi called out for me. She offered her maid who was already in the queue to queue for me as well. So I went around to shop and basically there's nothing much for me. Registered with mindschamp so that they can call me to view tanglin branch one of these days. Got 4 packs of refills for serene and myself and off I go to collect my car at the carpark. All waxed and washed! 2 Objectives met. 

Then I walked to millenia to collect my ritz  mooncakes and rewarded myself with koi for walking so much. Then I walked back to Marina to get changing mat. Another 2 objectives met. I went home and had such a big bowl of lunch and picked Oli. 

Hubby had files to review so we can't watch our HK drama. So I am here writing and thinking of the recipe for tmr's baking. I wanted to pack my wardrobe but I am freaking tired from as if no sleep the night before and being out almost the whole day. So I will just slowly drift off to sleep. Before I do so, let me think what's for Oli's meals and home activities for tmr.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today - 17 months 2 weeks

The last few days were kinda packed with stuff. New maid came, visited both Pats, met Adrian for super long lunch and 2 gal frds for our usual fried chicken lunch. Tmr is Friday already. Since Oli is attending sch beyond half day, I will collect mooncakes from Ritz, wax the car and not sure if I will squeeze into Rise and Shine fair. Hopefully by 3 plus, I can pick Oli. 

Monday hubby was on leave so that we can go for our free buffet. Prior to buffet, we had some morning fun with the super exp bubble machine from elc (finally we opened the box) at our fav Eco lake. 

Lunch was good but was freaking tired from such a full stomach. Felt so bad leaving Oli behind but we felt she needed to have quality sleep at home. Also, we needed to pick new maid.  Then I got so tired from thinking about Oli when I waited for hubby for almost an hour to pick the new maid. When I came home, I hugged Oli super crazily. Hahahaha. Luckily we didn't bring her along, she napped for 3 hours! 

The visits to both Pats were kinda good. I hope Oli gets a place at the branch near our house. The compound was huge. They are double storey and they have a glass house for music classes. They have a huge playground that looks so fun. There's a circuit for them to cycle and a stage for performances when needed. Aside the fun part, I like the syllabus they used and they have both Chinese and English teacher in each class and a qualified music teacher. Pick up and drop off is easy for the branch near our house. I like how they use sensory teaching and how hands on the principal is. 

Oli and joash had so much fun with water today:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today - 17 months 1 weeks 3 days

Today I decided to not give in to Oli's need for entertainment on her high chair during breakfast and lunch. It's getting way too much. She's really doing them intentionally such that she refused me to feed her because she knows I don't give in all the time like her daddy or the helper. With entertainment, she doesn't eat well also because it must be the RIGHT entertainment for her if not she refuses to open her mouth or she spits them all over. So there's really no point to give in to her. If we don't get through this, it's gonna to be an even long way to go.  

She got very big scolding from me. I was very fierce, at the top of my voice because I couldn't control myself. Sigh, but I have to because she doesn't take me seriously. 硬碰硬 and hence she lost it and had as if a meltdown but on her highchair. She finally gave in and took her food seriously. I explained to her if she eats well, she's a good gal and I got her to look at the floor and told her when the floor is cleared of the things she usually throws, it means she's a good gal. Then as she eats well, I kept praising her and explain why eating well is good and that she can quickly get down from the highchair and play/sleep as she wished. During all the scoldings, the daddy must not be around and the helper cannot give any eye contact to her. Harsh. Oh yeah. But anyone can tell me is there anyway to deal with this better?

However, during dinner time she was so tired from walking whole day and had to nap an hr at her car seat. It's only this time, I entertain to her request. She's genuinely tired and was overstimulated. 

I hope tmr is better. Please. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today - 17 months 1 week 2 days

Slow paced day. We woke up early because Oli woke up 15 mins before 7. Though it didn't felt like I had enough of sleep, I felt good the whole day. I find that if I don't rush the day like almost everyday, I feel less tired even if I have to wake up early.

By 9am, Oli has poop, bathe, milk and water drank and breakfast already digesting in her small stomach. Best is, I have set her lotus roots black bean soup to the boiler. Hence, we all got bored. We looked out of the window and was kinda cheesed off by the glaring sunshine. 

Hubby checked ALL his weather forecast app and all said its gonna rain. Then again, we did not want to be caught on the rain. By the time we hesitate finish, it was less sunny. Hubby suggested to go to the estate's playground and I literally shouted "let's go Oli, we are going to play bubbles!". Oli ran to where we kept the bubbles sticks and waited for us to get ready. She ran to the gate before us. 

Oli came home to have lunch and by 1130am she was done. By 12pm, I cooked our lunch. By 1230am, Oli has drifted off to her nap. By 1pm, I washed and cleaned the kitchen. Rare rare rare! 

Oli woke up to have milk and snack and got bored very fast. She ran to the gate and hubby brought her out with her trike to the corridors and playground again. 

By 545pm, dinner done and by 6pm, we left home for kyler's birthday party at Kids Amaze. 

That's our Saturday. Love it though hubby is ending the night with reviewing files. And me? Nua-ing on the bed and caught up with Kaimin!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today - 17 months 1 week 1 day

Oli first day transitioning to full day at playclub and doing generally well. I planned to pick her around 230pm but my hair perm appointment overran till almost 4! Luckily she was ok. Hence, we will be starting off with 2 days a week for full day program while the rest of the 2 days it's still half a day program. 

Oli knew where we hid the books. Those books that we wanted to read to her and not for her to touch because she loves to fold or tear them out of curiosity, especially the one that has pop ups. Hence she brought the books to me and I read to her. There was this card with a dog in the picture. I ask her what's this and she said "woof woof". When she was a baby, we loves to point the puppy on one of the toys and sing "Woof woof" to her. So that's why instead of dog she says "woof woof". When I ask her where's the sheep, she said "baa baa". Haha too much nursery rhymes! 

Oli has finally outgrown the reliant on YouTube or holding an iPhone while having milk. Good thing is, as what I wished for, though it took a long while. Bad is, when she doesn't drink, it's difficult to coax her. Right now, I have to read to her while hubby feeds her. Keeping fingers crossed, it happens for the last feed of the day. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today - 17 months 6 days

Finally came straight home after dropping Oli off. The past few weeks I have been running errands, if not met up with friends. So what I did? I searched and enquired Oli's pre-N.

I called Lorna and felt a bit paiseh to ask about 2016 enrollment. So it went on till Pats gave me a call to say both tanglin and claymore has a waitlist. Sigh. Then instead of "blaming" the kiasu parents, I have myself to be blamed for being so laxed. So I have arranged a visit to the centres next tues and wed for both pats and next mth, there's open house for Lorna. I will be calling eaglebeaver and Brighton tmr. 

It was kinda a happy day out with lunch and high tea with Serene. Time passes so quickly when you are out relaxing. We had ippudo ramen and afternoon tea at Arteastiq. Enjoyed ourselves first then rush home to our kids. I always make use of Oli's nap time to sneak out once a while... Or rather rarely..today is the 4th time. When she wakes up, I got my helper to feed her fruits and to help change diaper if needed. 

In the evening, I picked hubby and we went for robinsons sales. It's like forever there's something to get. Oli as usual picked things up as if she's gonna buy them. Shortly after fussed so much that she only wanted me to carry. It was freaking tiring to carry her with her moving around on my arms. Then she knocked out in the stroller after we forced  buckle her at 8plus. Very tiring shopping experience ok. Next time I think I better do it on my own. 

She came home and woke up. Took her so long to go back to sleep. Making act cute faces. Hahah

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today - 17 months 5 days

Oli is down with bad cough since yesterday. Last week there was a flu outbreak in school. This time round I don't feel so helpless like before because Oli's bigger and obviously, she's kind of "built up" from the past illnesses. She survived 2 HFMD and a few flu outbreaks safe and sound. The only heart pain was her intense coughing when she was sleeping last night. The last time her cough was like more than 3 months ago.

Today at music lesson Oli could follow her teacher. When she's required to tap, she taps, require to roll the sticks on the floor, she rolls and to do hurray pose with egg shaker, she did. You know kids at this age may listen but they often get so excited with the instruments that they may just be in their own world. Oli displayed her listening skills today. Most of the time she only wants to cling on to me. 

Today, also her first day of progressing to the playclub. She would have gone some time back but because of her meltdowns and her friends on holidays resulting only this week they started moving on together. In this way, these little ones still have each other. I stood at the door, almost tearing. So emo can. My gal has progressed from the infant group.

Oli had 3hours nap when she came home. She woke up angry. Yes, angry. My gal is really a bad tempered little lady. I guess she was so angry that her 200ml of milk wasn't enough. These days she's been taking bm when there is and also because her wastage of fm was kinda bad last week until I got bm for her, she really finished them off! 

So angry right? Then I asked her if she wants to go out and she started to giggle and rolled on the bed and hugged me. Change so fast. So I quickly change her diapers and she had her bread before we left. 

So because Oli had a wonderful long nap, she's got so much energy and was so sociable that she was chasing after joash to hold his hand. So funny and cute.