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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today - 18 months 1 week 5 days

After being a so-called full time mum to Oli for so long, I can finally say I am truly enjoying now. It's not that I didn't enjoy myself before this or not because she started to go 2 full days to school. 

I remember when I first started at her 13+ to 14+ months, I was really exhausted and feeling so much body aches and pains. Then, she was trying to walk and refuse to walk with support other than me. I was still figuring how to ease her fussiness on meal times. I was also coping with how to get routine right and best suited for her. I remember at 13+months, she was so so clingy to me. 

The body aches and pain started to get better when she walked at 15months. I could tell a whole lot of difference and that's when I appreciate what old folks love to say, "life is easier when they can walk". But hey, not exactly true. I went through lots of "I don't know what to do" when she started her uncontrollable meltdowns. It lasted for very long and it was really a nightmare at home and even in school. Really, it was really a whole set of challenge. Things got better when the meltdowns phased out but only after she's 16 months. At 16months, things were more or less the same except she's more engaged with playing on her own. 

Between 16plus to 17plus months, she didn't sleep through and hubby suffered so much at work. When we thought she didn't want to sleep alone in her room, no it's not. It should be the molar teething period that woke her up at 3 to 4am. Hubby did 90% of "bringing her over to our bed". Then after almost 4weeks, she slept through in her own cot.

When she's 17months old, she eats better because I went through a hard core lesson on proper eating. Keeping fingers crossed, eating habits were much improved now though, there were down times too. Oli had a bad eczema flare and bad viral attack and we kept her on our bed. It was so difficult for me to sleep comfortably that I ended up with numb hands and feet and I had to see a Chinese Sinseh. When all ended, she got back to her cot, both of us miss her like crazy. Crazy parents. 

That was a summary of the past few months challenges and right now I am so enjoying it because she's such a fun gal to be with. She sings a lot, dances, follows the YouTube videos and babbles so much so much that sometimes I have to get her to keep quiet for a while because her mummy needs to talk to the helper at home. She gives me so much hugs and kisses than before. Sometimes, she will run to me, put both her arms around me and lay her cheeks on mine then she use her lips to kiss mine. It's really "oh soooo sweet" moments that never fail to melt me. Of course, there were down times in between but manageable. She cries out of the blue now and always requesting to watch her baby videos. I really do not know why. She will smile and sometimes let out a little giggle when she watches the videos. 

Of the things she does, I really have to say a little goodbye to her baby-ness. Something I ain't very willing to let go. When I see those tiny leggings, small rompers, beanie and mittens, they reminded me that my baby is not so tiny anymore and time has really flew past like that for the past more than a year.

Simple things like when I place a bag over her means my gal is growing rapidly. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today - 18 months 6 days 

Oli is back humming her twinkle twinkle little stars. She adds a step further - she pats me like how I used to sing and pat her to sleep. It has been so long since I sang and pat her to sleep. I wonder how come she remembers! 

She's been treating herself like me and me like her. She will feed me with her food or drink and she tries to clean me up with her hankie. Really so amused by her. 

Today we went to a baby shower and as usual, she plays on her own. I guess the other kids were too rowdy for her age also. We then paid Cindy a visit and lent her my sterilizer so she can leave one at her mum's place when she goes back to work. Oli warms up very fast at Cindy's place, she talked her baby language to Cindy's parents and passed them the stuff she dug from her diaper bag. When Janelle cries, she walks to her room to take a look. She loves the patio and was dancing at the wooden platform. She made herself home. Haha.

Yesterday daddy was on leave and we went out after her nap.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Today - 18 months 4 days

Hubby was on leave yesterday and we walked Oli (in the pram of course!) to school and we walked home. This is to combat the calories today:

Prawn mee at Beach Road - cravings satisfied! The place is crazily hot and crowded on weekends. Hence, it's impossible to bring a pram in and even if there's baby chair it's super dirty I reckon for such an environment.

We popped by Penny University and had muddy expresso. 

We went to Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza. Yummy but warm sushi and the place is so freaking hot that everyone is sweating like in a hawker place. I was so looking forward to this and been wanting to try so much when I could actually can give a miss. 

We even had our car washed and stock up some items from a supermarket. We then came home to rest. Hubby was reading his zillion years ago magazines while I backup the iPhone pictures (only Oli's pictures). Hubby's leave very well spent! 

We picked Oli and when she came home, she was so hungry that she was jumping around the dining table shouting for her biscuits. Then, she jumped around in the kitchen when I was cooking her dinner. I got so worried if she ate well in school. Earlier the day, I was telling hubby that I seriously can't let go entirely Oli's diet to someone else. She can have breakfast/lunches in school but very importantly her dinner must be settled at home. And so also explains why I am not on any lookout for jobs now unless it's a part time role that doesn't compromise my time with Oli. This is like a perpetual problem for me, can't let go. Even her naps, if she doesn't sleep at home, I felt she has lost the quality though at times we let her sleep outside in her pram. Nowadays, she can't last more than an hour if she sleeps outside. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today - 18 months 3 days

The school has a mini gathering this evening and I brought along an air fried platter for refreshments. When Oli reached her school, she was overwhelmed by the crowd and was clingy to me and wanted me to carry her. When we were at the playground, she wanted to play alone. I am not sure if my presence was the reason or she's extremely shy. It's quite hard to explain because she's been with the school since she was 5months old. I really wonder if she's cheeky or mischievous like how is she at home. Let me check with the teachers when there's a chance. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Today - 18 months 2 days

First night after 2 weeks of co- sleeping and I am actually feeling the separation anxiety. It's time Oli goes back to her bed after we got her eczema back in control and her flu and cough is okay now. Also, I am coughing still. Most importantly, Oli needs to sleep in her own room, own bed. 

I guess I miss kissing her goodnight before I sleep. Also, when she wakes up before me and she never fail to plant her kiss on my lips. It's so sweet I tell you. After she kissed me, she use her cheeks to lay on mine and then she will use both palms to touch my cheeks and kiss me again. These days I love how she rubs her hands against my arms when I carry her and then she will rest her head on my chest. Getting sweeter my gal. 

This was her yesterday when she insisted to bring Barney the lantern out to shopping mall.

Playing peek a boo before nap time

My happy little gal

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Today - 18 months old!

1.5 years old. Halfway mark to 2 yrs old. When I looked back her photos for the past 6 months. I find that her looks have been more or less the same since she turned 15months old. Still, I hope she can look like me again. Haha. 

Baby, a summary of the past 1 month - meltdown greatly reduced, eating habits got better and you even want to sit on your highchair when you want to eat, no new food fearing of skin allergy yet eczema flare badly this mth, outgrown most clothes (like overnight), had a bad viral fever and flu & cough. Also, lazy mummy finally started to view your pre-schools. 

In development terms, really sorry baby... Because you did kind of well in terms of taking instructions since u turned 1, I assumed it just got better. Physically, you run more these days, better balancing control and you have grown taller! The leggings you had seemed cropped much!  Language I sort of able to track them down because it's still quite limited. You introduced "bright" today in your list. You say "bye" more often than before. You like to say "there" and you know if you want more food, you say "more". You call "mama" and "papa" more too. But when you call "mama" is when you are desparate for my attention ONLY and when papa is not around. You say "door" and refused to say "sheep" but "baa baa". 

Happy 18month old, my lovely tot. Looking forward to new stuff new exploration you will be having. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Today - 17 months 4 weeks 2 days

We did a lot today. Erm, as in we managed to not struggle and nua at home. Morning we did a stroll at botanical at our favourite part of the garden. We did some nice shots of Oli with our long forgotten slr. On our way home, Oli slept and we decided to let her continue sleeping for at least 2 hours before we go out for lunch. Yes, bringing her lunch out. 

At first I thought I will be wiping the floors of the restaurant again but today she ate well. On top of finishing her lunch, she fed herself with our baguette and cherry tomatoes on our pizza. So happy and I decided to order a glass of red wine after looking at so many wine bottles in the restaurant!?!? We then headed for coffee at Choupinette and did some marketing at the supermarket before heading home.   During the car ride, Oli ate a piece of bread and had biscuits at Choupinette as well. Growth spurt plus teething ended (drooling stops) for the time being, must be. If not, I can't explain for the non stop eating every other hour these few days. Caught me by surprise. It's hardly that she asks for food. 

So my purple ABC soup is brewing now. I don't know if she wants her dinner after eating every hour earlier. Faint. 

Oli's cough is better but her flu is still very bad. Super thick and slimy mucus. Fever gone since Thurs. Dr Khor called last night and updated us with the virus she got, adeno and rsv. Why? This is the nth time she got these 2 viruses. We decided to stop dimetapp and prospan and continue with ventolin spray and Zyrtec. Meanwhile, we will just wait for the virus to clear. Pretty irritating still. 

Some pictures taken the last few days.