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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 3 weeks 4 days 
Owen - 2 months 2 days

We came back home last night and as a result, the "sometimes heavy sometimes light sleeper" baby decided to wake up when we were home and took me a while to put him back to sleep. By then it was almost 11am. I was so tired that I dozed off without unpacking. 

As usual, Owen sleeps for 6-7 hrs straight and woke up around 4plus in the morning for a feed. He slept the moment he was placed on my boobs and continued drinking. What's unusual was he didn't wake up his usual 9am and went on to sleep till almost 1pm. I woke him several times in between by feeding him, doing housework in the room, ironing my clothes in the room... He's still sleeping. He opened his eyes and smile and went back to dreamland. Hence, at 1pm I took off his clothes and he woke up looking refreshed and happy! Usually, he's very happy when he's naked because he loves bath time! 

After bath, he sat on his bouncer and I quickly get the dinner ingredients ready. He was self entertaining by cooing away looking left and right most of the time before he cries for milk and he slept halfway through. I cooked dinner, chat on whatsapp and stare blank for a while. I couldn't bring myself to nap because I know he will wake up in less than an hour's time. Totally not shiok for me. I rather stare blank. Indeed la, he woke up like minutes before an hour was up and that was when I was left with just 1 dish to complete dinner and he was fussing already because he couldn't go back to nap or he's just fighting sleep till 7 and became a light sleeper who wakes up to every noises from the sister. Finally he concussed just before 9. 

That's my day today. Boring. What's more I was ironing clothes at 10pm. But before that I had an ice cream cone! Fat die me!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 2 months 

Felt a few giddy spells today. I guess I have been doing too much things at 1 time and non-stop. There's really no lead time. Ok, maybe when I feed Didi I get to rest. Sometimes I play with my phone or I just stare blank. 

At times... I feel I am alone... Not lonely. Alone in a sense I feel I am being accused of things, when usually I should be the unhappy soul but others make the situation seems otherwise. Hence, if I am unhappy I better deal with it alone next time. 

Omg, so emo that when I fed Owen and having Oli by my side, I cried. I felt so bad for scolding Oli in the morning and because I am breastfeeding Owen, my unhappiness will pass on to Owen. I felt so bad for the kids. Don't know which hormones acting up again. 

Morning activity for Owen and he cried when he's lying on his back. So I gave him a tummy good time. 

Happy 2 month old my little man! I am loving your smiles and your cute cooing noises! Continue to grow chubby. Lol I don't know if you have hit 7kg or not. Haha. 

Grandparents with grandkids in the car. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 3 weeks 1 day
Owen - 1 month 4 weeks 1 day

My little man sleeps VERY well when we go out which is a very bad habit because the stroller is usually in motion which rocked him to sleep. Like today, he slept from 12pm till 7pm. In between, I literally force him into my boobs. And he slept at 9plus so I guess when he wakes up the next round will be around 4am. Woohoo

When we got home at 7, he was super happy. Smile thru his bath and kept himself entertained with the cot mobile for very long until I placed him to chill at the bouncer. 

We don't know which friend gave us this Thomas the train bouncer. When we fixed it, we didn't think it was so small until we placed Owen in and his legs kept falling off from it. Also, when we placed him in, we can't tell it's Thomas the train because he occupies 95% of the bouncer. When he first sat, all of us laughed because he looks so big in a small chair. Soon, we can say bye to it. 

This is my gal, happily role playing me and treated me as her Didi doing wipe down for me. She said she's the mummy!?! Aiyo. So funny her leh. When she's in good mood like this, I am happy. When she's emo, she meltdowns and she got me angry. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 3 weeks
Owen - 1 month 4 weeks

When Owen finally slept at 11pm, I nearly cried. Man, I have been struggling from
around 1 plus trying to get the little man to nap. As usual, when I put him down he wakes up. Or if he doesn't he wakes up shortly after. He suckles till the breasts are so dry that I can scare myself that my supply has dropped?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 2 weeks 6 days
Owen - 1 month 3 weeks 6 days

Morning was crazy when we tried to rush out of house. The caregiver was out with my mil for physio hence I can't leave Owen at home to send Oli to school. So the plan was to send Oli to sch with hubby and Owen and then send hubby to work. 

Oli woke up at 4am refusing to go back to sleep after she saw me leaving the room the change the brother's diaper. So she was Kay-pohing around and then she sat with me to see me feed the brother and even wanted to help to burp the brother. When she finally lie down on her pillow I reckon she took a long time to sleep and I slept before her. Hence, she didn't want to wake up for school. Whined on the bed and she said she wanted to sleep. When we finally got her out of the bed it was quite late, hubby was late for work. 

Since I had no plans for today and the weather was quite clear, I brought Owen to botanical and we had a long walk before heading home. Owen slept and I think he din realise he was out at all. 

I made myself a simple lunch today. DOM chicken with rice. 

Everyone (literally) has been asking me to give him the pacifier. Not that I do not want, I don't want to end up weaning him off both thumb and pacifier. As long as I can manage, I don't think I need. My mum felt his constant suckling to sleep makes him the size today and he's overfed. Let's see how. 

Camping at my mum's house because Oli has no school tmr. Please bless me with an easy Oli at least tmr. She was so emo earlier. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 2 weeks 5 days
Owen - 1 month 3 weeks 5 days

Yay to getting things done before midnight. I mean there are lots more to do still.. But but but.. Essential stuff are done at least. 

Quite a good day I would say. Owen as usual woke up 9plus in the morning. Fed and bathe him and he played on his own for a while before he turns cranky. He took a short (really short) 30mins nap and he must shout for boobs one. Cannot wait. Very impatient little man. I was washing up the veg and cooking my own lunch. I literally swallowed my noodles with NO enjoyment. So after feeding him I super buay song from the I unsatisfactory lunch so I snack here and there because when I weigh myself this morning, I lost 2kg more. I mean I have already got back my pre pregnancy weight the week I delivered so let me get complacent for a little first. 

Napped with Owen for 2 hours and he napped for a total 3 plus hours. It's a luxury!!!!!! Happy die me. I woke up first to cook and prepared Oli's juice. Had some time because Oli had music class and I could only fetch her after 5. So it's less stressful. Let's see tmr how. See if his nap has really improved or not. Pray for the best please. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Olivia - 29 months 2 weeks 4 days
Owen - 1 month 3 weeks 4 days

Started the day at 545am despite the long struggle the night before. Since it was quite a decent timing that Owen woke up to the first feed, I decided to do laundry, boil the soup, wash up the veg. Before all the chores, I expressed my milk even if Owen decided to latch on the next minute. In this way, he doesn't get choke from an engorged breast. 

When all are done, I had quick breakfast with hubby. When hubby gets prepared for work, Oli sticks around me and helped with hanging if the laundry by giving out different colors of hangers. Then I gave her yogurt and fed her all the supplements. The daddy bathe her and I can't remember what I did. 

It was planned to send daddy to work which also motivates me to start the day early. Supposed to bring all kids but ended up with Oli only because Owen was sound asleep. So I got the caregiver to just keep an eye on my very sleep deprived baby. Glad he slept for a long stretch. I didn't know that I can feel so terrible over babies lacking of nap times. 

I came home and he just woke up. Bathe  and fed him and off we go to the pd to do the last follow up on his wheezing, as usual, cried in the car and I have to drive at a faster speed when I can so he can stop crying. Sigh. When will the crying in car stop? 

So Owen is no longer needed the ventolin spray. Yay! Then I told Dr K about him being a poor napper and I guess he is also gassy. So Dr K taught a few ways to carry a gassy baby and got me to take a picture of him because the crying baby instantly switched from a crying mode to happy mood and was smiling away. 

Shared with Dr K that he's also having a hard time during feeding because of the fast letdown and she shared with me her personal blend of tea leaves which contain sage to curb the supply a bit. Hopefully it helps because I see him such a poor boy to get choked the last few days. 

Before we left paragon, I went to chalk farm to get some cakes for a "party" at gleneagles because Christine just gave birth, Lee Wen bought lunch up to the ward and Delis bought sweet soup. It was like a mini party and we stayed for hours. Owen slept thru the whole party and woke up for feeds only. 

Because hubby is home early, we settled dinner early too. So we had some winding down time on the bed. Not exactly winding down because Oli was very high. Owen was in happy mood too. Oli requested to lie beside Owen and Owen was so happy to have the sister with him.

Loves these photos. Kept looking at them.