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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today - 19 months 2 weeks

And this terrible eater were asking for my iPhone during dinner. Sometimes it's okay to watch if she watches in peace and not when she demanded the vieos to be changed before a song is up. Sigh.. Though today she finished her food in 10 minutes. She had 2 big bowls of her old cucumber soup. 

Oli has been more open to more food lately. Yesterday she tried egg tarts and she didn't spit them. Today she tried banana cake and asked for more. I am okay that she nibbles them and dun have them as main food. I didn't want so much of sugars in her diet still. 

Tmr we are heading to some beach fun!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Today - 19 months 1 week 6 days

Who is this grown up little gal? Lol

Who woke up early in the morning and dump her cheeks on mine and chuckle away?

Who sings her nursery rhyme along with me?

Who loves raisins like her?

Who can down 100ml of carrot+green apple juice in breath?

Who makes this family complete? 

Who makes the house a home?

Who taught us love? 

And who is this little lady melts my heart over and over again....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today - 19 months 1 week 4 days

Hasn't been writing because I was battling with Oli's eczema the whole week. It has been tiring to make sure the wounds get hydrate, cleansed I and what not. The bandage continues and somehow she figured how to make way for her fingers to scratch them.

At wits end again, we went to see Dr Khor and we also want to talk to her about the vaccination that Oli has been missing and that we may be changing school for her even before she turns 3. 

Dr Khor just did us a house visit and impart her knowledge on sensory play. Life demo, so easy to learn and Olivia had so much fun, so much that she was chuckling away. Then she demo on the bathing techniques with the right stuff and how to wrap her with the tubings post bathing. All in all the 2 hours were very fruitful. And everytime when there's someone who care for Oli is like a blessing. Fortunate is also the word to describe that you met a right pd who goes all out (in their free time) for your daughter's condition. Someone who is there when you need medical advice out of office hours with just a SMS. 

Vexed the whole week because I do not know whether to change school for Oli at this point. The current place's playgroup environment has somehow gotten Oli into bad eczema flare and she has been falling sick for the second time in the second month. Though this round is really mild. I don't like the fact that she's unwell and has to depend on medicine again. Also, my concern was the food quality and Oli is always dirty when I picked her up from school. And we are paying 1k for 2 half days (9 to 1)and 2 full days (9 to 4). The pm portion I realize is quite redundant because 2 hours or less is used up for nap. Quality of nap in a comfortable environment is definitely not there. Whatever extra she learn in school I don't care coz I can send her to better enrichment classes with the price difference. Hence, I have decided to cut her to 5 half days wef November. This also means, no lunches with friends unless they can lunch early. Me time definitely lesser but that's not the point because my objective was Oli and her well being. Vaccination is also not on time so I do not know if other childcares will understand and to accept her. And that she has her good friends at the current place and finally she gave me so much reassurance that she is okay to see me leaving the school after drop off. I know kids adapt fast but to again experience departures at this age is kind of torturing, for the mum at least. First it was her fav teacher, my previous maid, current maid is also leaving and dealing with change of school... Again? I really do not know. Let the half days continue though with the same fees I can find more centres with full day program. On single income, doesn't justify to pay so much. 

Yah my current maid with us for 2 months is leaving. Drove me nuts because we are leaving for Penang next week. Somehow we got a replacement on the same day she declared she's leaving us. She claimed her daughter is sick and needs to be back. Okay, she should go back I understand. Since she's under performing, it's just a push factor to go for a change of maid. That said we have to fork out many hundreds for all the processing. 

That pretty summed up for the whole week with an excursion on Friday to qian hu fish farm. Fun is one but it was so hot and Oli was so cranky towards the end. I was shag out. She couldn't stop moving in the bus and was running so much around. 

Looking at the stingray - she wanted to scare it away. 

Doing fishing and she threw tantrum by throwing the net and tank into the pond. 

In the bus - finally shut her up with her favourite raisins and she fell asleep shortly after in the same position with her unfinished raisins. 

Chilling at the lounge with Yirui.

Family selfie with a grouchy tot.

With mummy and bear.. Again..

Playing around with Ally at a baby shower. 

New bad habit - eating on the bed!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Today - 19 months 3 days
I wanted to write this for the longest time - the story of Oli and her milk. 

Hubby has been the morning feeder for milk since Oli was a baby. When I was breastfeeding/pumping, I usually wake up 6am and I can't breastfeed her at 730 because all of us will be late for wrk. Hence, while I go back to sleep hubby will feed Oli. So this has been a routine for the longest time such that Oli didn't even want me to feed her milk. If I make her the bottle, she will bring the bottle to the daddy and wake him up so that she can lie on daddy to drink milk. Same goes for the last milk bottle. When daddy is not around, she can drink herself or sometimes she wants me to hold the bottle for her. 

I been wanting her to use straw bottle for her milk. Kind of can't tolerate that kids hold on to their bottle at this age. Worse, beyond this age. But but but, I managed to get her on bottle when she was 9m old so technically she has been on bottle for 10m so isn't very long ya. But that's not the point. Oli is those stubborn kid where if you don't give her milk, she's ok to do without it. So if I refuse to give her milk, she will be also okay with it. And that we are soon to drop her to 2 feeds a day, means she only use bottles twice a day. Still, I hope she can use straw bottle. I tried a few times and she refused to use straw bottle for milk. Even water is tough. These few weeks she refused to use her straw bottle for water. I have to diligently spoon feed water to her. Let's see how it goes.

Saw the bandage? We have been bandaging her to school and during her sleep. Really no choice so that her wound can heal. This round of eczema flare is very bad. The wound was so red and raw. Pus and blood oozed out somemore. When I took a close look at the wound, it really send shivers down my spine. It's really very very bad. Fortunately, the bandage seemed to work. The wound is healing better.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Today - 19 months! And happy birthday to daddy too!

In this whole of 18-19m, Oli went through lots of learning which got me a little surprised. While I thought Oli was on a slower side or a late bloomer, this month she surprised me with her progression. In my own definition at least. 

She sings a lot. Other than baa baa black sheep and twinkle twinkle, she sang "round and round" (wheels of the bus) today. Also, her latest Little Baby Bum series of YouTube videos, she loves "the animals songs". In fact, she made most of the animal sounds when she sang along.

She's still stubborn, strong headed to the extend it pissed me off totally. For the last few days, she has been insisting to brush her own teeth and insist to bring the toothbrush back to where it was placed on her own. Hence, not allowing me to brush her teeth. I hope I do not have to say hello to tooth decay. She does self feeding in school since 13m and refused to feed herself at home. This month, she insists to feed herself. Not like I don't wa her to self feed, but her control of spoon with soup stuff it's not up to mark yet. I wanted to teach her but she insists in her own way. In any case she isn't happy, she threatens to throw the spoon. When I stared at her, she stared at me fiercely and dump the spoon in front of me. How pissed. My little gal has somewhat turning terrible 2 soon. At first when she knew the word "no" around 1 yo I felt it was oh so cute. But these days, her "no" is pretty irritating I tell you. 

And mentioned so many times about her obsession with her bear and bag, she's obsessed with wearing socks at home. She will take the socks out from the drawer and do the action of wearing them. 

When comes to bathing, she's so sensitive to the word "bathe". She will run to the bathroom, tries to take off her clothes and diapers. It's so funny la!

Today is the last day of music lessons with the infant group. Oli has shown much signs that she's ready to move over to the bigger age grp music lessons. Today she helped the babies to retrieve music instruments from the teacher and also helped to return them. The teacher was so impressed and says she will make a good sister. Haha!  

When asked to queue to take their turns to get the stamps, Oli quickly walked to join in the queue. When the teacher asked the group of kids to get ready to move to next door class, Oli walked to collect her bag and shoes and walked to the class with her classmates. Previously she will struggle and I have to carry her over. Today she surprised me totally. When she saw another group of classmates having singing session, she ran to squeeze in with them and took the front row. Then she did the finger actions as what she usually do when they sing incy wincy spider. 

Growing up too quickly. Oli with her 2 growing friends, both feb 13 babies. 
Today - 18 months 4 weeks 2 days

We celebrated daddy's birthday today, which is the eve of the actual birthday. Lunch, I prepared his favourite char siew.

Post lunch, hubby read newspaper and I cleaned the kitchen and collected the cake from The Dispensary. We sang and cut cake at home and Oli wanted to eat the cake. Hence, it was so difficult to take picture. Nonetheless we took a few but they are not in my iPhone.

We went for dinner at Pince @ Duxton. It was quite a wait since no reservations were allowed. We popped by Flor for a drink so that we can feed Oli dinner first. Today she was good. She took less than 15mins for both lunch and dinner. We then walked around Duxton and bought some fruits. 

Dinner was great. Not the very usual romantic birthday dinner we used to have previously. Partly because we need a casual place so that if we have to play videos we won't be spoiling the atmosphere and partly because dun feel like spending few hundreds since I am not working. Then it would be like as though hubby is paying for himself a dinner. Anyhow, I ordered a glass of white wine tonight for myself! 

Oli had about 10 pieces of oatmeal cookies and a packet of Organix raisins.

She helped herself to my fries the moment it was laid on table.

She eventually poured all the fries to her plate.

I usually do not allow Oli to eat outside food. At the same time, I am kind of worried that Oli may not accept outside food when the time comes because she whenever she eats a little of them she spits them out. Fries are the only outside food that interests her much and I decided to be not too anal about it and let her induldge.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Today - 18 months 4 weeks 1 day

The both days Oli has been waking up at 9am and as a result everything was like 2 hrs late. The very best thing was both the daddy and mummy finally can sleep beyond 8! The bad thing was it was such a rush morning because I had to go for wet marketing. We have planned that hubby will go to a nearby cafe with Oli while I do quick marketing and then I join them for a cuppa. Then we rush home to prepare lunch. Luckily helper took the initiative to prepare the pork cutlet and I continue to make Oli's soup for lunch. 

We managed to call the Penang driver, hubby had his cat nap though it could be longer because Oli insisted daddy to feed her milk. In between, I made a pot of vegetable stock and made Oli her dinner. I also cooked abalone congee for mil before leaving house. Such a busy day. I didn't have any time to play with Oli. I only allow myself to be busy in kitchen when Oli is in school or when daddy is around. So weekends I usually use the time to make stock pot coz weekdays when Oli is in school I am often out :p

Then the Sunday routine comes into the picture. We will go over to my parents' place for dinner and Oli again, had so much fun. My father even brought her to nearby market for a walk. 

This was taken in the morning. Oli shouted for bear and bag when we were leaving the house for market. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Today - 18 months 4 weeks 

Oli has been quite a cry baby the last 2 days. It only happened when I stepped into the toilet and the crying will go on till dinner time. I have also been noticing that Oli is always hungry on days she goes to school and I can't help but to think she didn't have enough food in school. Many times she almost broke down while I was preparing dinner if not she will go to the shelves to open up the containers of biscuits or go to the fridge to take a pack of yogurt. 

There's a morning I saw how small a portion she was given for breakfast in school that it broke my heart. I seldom emo over small issues these days but the sight of her breakfast bowl got me so upset for a few days. Hence, I have been giving Oli breakfast at home. My problem is I have ran out of ideas on what to give her for breakfast because Oli only take yogurt with fruits and oats or plain bread or yogurt with bread dipped. Today I tried giving cookies and she took so many of them. I dun really think is a good breakfast food. She dun take anything else already. I also duno how. Sigh. 

Oli has finally a table where she can do all her scribbles/drawings or sometimes I allow her to have her fruits/snacks. We originally waited for a model which we finally gave up after 6 months because ikea can't give an answer when is the shipment coming. So we got this. Oli has been enjoying so much with her new table and chair. Hehe

Oli and her "teddy" bear again. Many times I have to explain to her I bringing bear home for a sleep so that she can remain in school to play. Then she will be so unwilling to say bye to her bear. Haha.