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Friday, July 31, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 4 weeks 1 day 
Owen - 1 month 1 day

Woke up 530am to feed Owen in his room so that Oli won't wake up to ask his daddy to make milk for her. Got the washer started when the feed was over and started to clean up the kitchen. Hung the laundry and Oli woke up before 7, crying so loudly that i could hear from the kitchen. In my heart, need to cry or not!?! Anyway in the evening she was forced to the naughty corner because I needed her to know brother must have a share of daddy's time and I can change her diaper even the daddy is around. Also, she needs to pick things up from the floor if she had left them behind. Ok, quite worth a trip to naughty corner to make her understand 3 things. However, understand is one and acceptance is another. 

As I said everyday if have breastfeeding problems or issues or questions. Today, my baby latch on reluctantly and kept dropping off from the nipple again. Usually I cradle or cross cradle him unless it's a those night feeds where I lie down to latch him. It seems like he has prefered the lying position and I see him happily moving his head towards my nipples after a few failed usual positions. Omg, he better not reject the usual positions because I don't want to bring bottles or hot water when we are out ok. During the 9pm feed, he latched a total of 45mins, drifting off to sleep on and off and finally concussed. And so, my breasts were so soft and light. 

Just did this and why my flowers yet to bloom?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 4 weeks
Owen - 1 month

Hello! My cutie having his flower bath yesterday. Actually this is the 101th photo that was finally captured. Ok, I exaggerated. Most of the time, he's frowning. Like me, yes. My CL also v funny, ask me take pics so I ok lor. She also purposely place the flowers on the shoulder. Lol 

Happy like crazy because I did my hair perm and hair rebonding yesterday. When I had Oli it took me so much courage to do because the fear of not being able to express my milk in time. This round I was lazy and didn't even bring my pump. I still went to pick Oli and took my own sweet time to go home. When I was home, I was welcome by my angry baby who was waiting for my boobs. CL said he was quite unsettled.... Must be no boobs for him to suckle for so many hours. 

These few days, he has been stretching his night for very long. He can go up to 5hrs! Is that ok? I really don't know. I always think all breastfeeding mums should come up with a manual on all the problems faced with a solution like a FAQ. It's so tough la. It's like everyday I can come up with a breastfeeding question then I always start googling and sometimes get conflicted answers. I feel like banging my head against the wall. 

Wah 1 month already? And confinement was one of the most dreaded thing that I wanted to go through before I gave birth. This round it was well managed and I guess it's mainly because of 2 things. I sneaked out a few times and breastmilk supply was ideal. Also torturous period lasted around 2 weeks and I seemed to forget the lack of sleep during the home phototherapy period. You see, tough times don't last. Lol

So nanny left at 2pm. Brought Owen with me to see her off and I told her this is really the last time she's doing confinement for me coz I am closing shop!!! So when I went home after sending her off reality sets in. Owen was fussing quite a bit until I placed him on tummy he slept immediately. Then I folded the clothes, wash the veg, boil tonic for hubby and packed some maternity clothes away. Then when I decided it's time for me to rest a bit, he woke up and fussed for very long again. I never stopped "working" till 12am. Really tired. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 2 weeks 6 days
Owen - 3 weeks 6 days

Owen's first Dr K visit today and he nearly cried the whole paragon down. He was so angry that he kicked the nursing cover so hard that I nearly exposed myself. Then when we were finally done at the clinic we went to the nursing room and on our way he was literally crying his lungs out. Then he was still sobbing for few seconds like he's complaining before he stuff his whole mouth to my breasts. What a fierce baby I have. 

Other than the sensitive skin and gassy-ness and the suspected prolonged jaundice, the rest is ok. Actually I don't what's the rest la, since there were 3 problems enough to tackle. For sure I know weight gain is good. He's now 5.12kg, technically heavier than a sack of rice which is quite arm breaking for me plus he kicks a lot, squirms a lot making it worse. 

A trip to Dr K means there are new things learnt. She demostrated the correct way on how to change his diaper, release of his fart and how to apply the barrier cream. Gave free samples and even taught on breastfeeding. Also, how to overcome his gassy-ness. So much to learn and I didn't absorb all coz info overload. Omg. Anyway I can always SMS her. 

So tmr we are going to the polyclinic for the jaundice test. Sigh. Don't tell me to go through the phototherapy again can? 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 2 weeks 5 days 
Owen - 3 weeks 5 days 

Me? Is learning to sit and sleep while holding an upright baby. Please stop my paranoid thoughts that my baby is having reflux. I had it enough from my first kid already. The fact that Owen keeps regurgitating streaks of milk and curds is making me super worried. Hence, after every 5-8 mins of feeds he is burped and forced onto my breasts again. Sometimes this cycle can go up to 3 times in one session. 

Me... Is trying to get him into the sling before my arms break from carrying him in every breastfeeding session and every of his waking hour. Failed after 3 tries in 3 days in a row.

Me... Is trying to be a very good mum to Oli by not losing my cool. She has been talking and singing loudly and dropping things on the floor intentionally when her brother is sleeping. 

Today is a better day. He slept for straight 7 hours from 11pm last night and I jumped out from my bed after 5 hours (duno why I freak out) with 2 rock hard breasts. I am so grateful he was able to be dreamfed and then diaper was changed while he slept. I had to pump and I was quite awake after pumping. Finally slept and he woke up less than an hour later! Please kill me. Then he woke up every 2 hours for feeds and then nap finally at 10am.  

Ok, on a good note, we sneaked out twice yesterday. We had breakfast outside and then we register the birth of Owen and collected our SG50 pack at Gleneagles. 

Someone doing some indecent exposure in the hospital. Also, she was singing loudly in front of strangers. 

In the evening, we joined bestie for fireworks. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 2 weeks 3 days
Owen - 3 weeks 3 days 

Finally done with jamu. The hives growing on my body is really terrible. It's like spreading crazily all over. Post bath with snake cooling powder slapped on my body is so shiok can. 

Today has been a crazy day. Owen woke up at 11 plus from his morning nap and never had a proper nap the whole day till 9 plus?!? Can someone tell me which baby tahan for so long without sleeping properly??? The longest he napped was slightly less than 30 mins at 130pm then it was 10 mins twice between 330pm to 4pm in my arms and then finally half an hr from 4pm to 430pm in my arms again! Then at 7 he dozed off BUT the pattern many sister purposely threw the Lego on the floor and then cried loudly, like VERY loud and woke him up. This means I have been latching him for like nth timessss fr 12pm till 9plus okay. I nearly gone crazy. So tired now but can't sleep. Tell me what is this? 

In the morning when he was happy. 

Milk drunk so many times but still can't sleep!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 2 weeks 2 days
Owen - 3 weeks 2 days

We extended our confinement lady for another week plus but the lady in the next assignment had her waterbag broke yesterday. As a result, our CL can only help out till the original stipulated date, 30 Jul. Sigh, I had plans like facial, manicure, hair perm and such before she leaves but it seems like I have to reschedule some and forgo some. More importantly, I was supposed to accompany Oli to a school excursion and seemed like it's quite impossible now and my mum will be going instead. I was so looking forward to it. 

I know things usually don't happen the way you want it to be and sometimes we think too much before things happen. Or some things are predestined. I learnt these in this whole pregnancy and post birth of Owen. I mean not like I don't know but you know.... 

I was worried if supposed I had natural delivery, what's going to happen to Oli. I didn't have natural delivery in the end. I didn't want a CSect because I thought I won't be able to care for Oli post op due to the recovery of the wound. I could carry her and bathe her after I got discharged. Things were quite per normal and in fact with no bump I felt less tiring. I worried that if I go into labour on weekends, how will Oli spend her time without me at home. I ended up doing my CSect on the best day of the week, Tuesday which means she will be attending school till the day I got discharged. 

You know I know, don't think too much what's going to happen. Things will really fall into place nicely.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Olivia - 28 months 2 weeks 1 day
Owen - 3 weeks 1 day

Was a crazy morning. Oli was down with fever yesterday and having very bad flu and cough. I can't cancel my jamu and the clinic can only give me 11am slot. Baby Owen wasn't cooperative during his feed, slept and pulled himself away from the nipple in less than 5mins. Nanny went market and since Oli can't go school, daddy at home and a crying baby, I sort of expect what's going to happen when daddy feeds the brother milk while I am in the midst of my massage. Don't know what Oli did and she trapped her index finger in between the cupboard?!? Then when daddy feed the brother, she meltdown and with a painful finger you can just imagine how chaotic things were. 

Then we rushed to the clinic and it's always when you are in the rush the traffic didn't help. Luckily the clinic was so packed that they didn't mind we were almost an hr late. Things then began to slow down during lunch. Oli took her noodles well and we did some shopping to replenish Owen's neccessities. While she had her fun at the playground I went to the car to express my milk. 

I was telling bestie I wanna cry lol. In my first breastfeeding journey, I can't even yield this amount after 30mins. This amount took me one side of the breast and less than 10 mins for now. Everything feels very déjà vu the moment I started to set up the pump in the car. It really happen like not too long ago that I struggle to pump in public wherever I go. 

I came home and happy to know Owen was sleeping after a bottle feed. But I think he misses me la, so fast wanna to latch and not even due for feeding. 

I love this swaddle blanket and decided to swaddle him to take a picture before I know it's really the last time I swaddle my own kids. 

Okay, take a closer look of my son. Like a grumpy fella yo!