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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olivia - 38 months 3 weeks 3 days
Owen - 11 months 1 day 

Dear son, 

This post came late, again. When u turned 11 month old, I experienced for the 2nd time bringing you both out to the pd alone and then settled both of your lunches packed from home. That also explained why I was busy yesterday. 

Actually bringing both of you the same time ain't that difficult but your sister is a ticking bomb. I don't when will she start her weird behavior. Luckily, she was all ok. She even fed herself lunch while you, simply distracted by passerby. 

This month teething woes. You bit my nips for 2 weeks and you finally cut your upper tooth at 11 month 1 day. On some very bad days, you peak your crankiness. U will roll urself over me, cried to be down when I carried you and when I wasn't carrying you, you wanted to be carried. You cried while you were cruising halfway and cried while crawling. Those days you worn me out.

You gave me hope when you started to stop your outburst. You assured me you hadn't forgotten your routine, where we have been trying for the longest time. You showed me you needed nap not in my arms but on the bed (this breaks my heart actually). You slept for longer stretch at night and once you only woke up at 6am. However the past week, we are back to "latch and let go" through the night. Man, it was tiring!

Now we are less than a month to your big 1. So let's countdown!

Your mummy 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Olivia - 38 months 3 weeks
Owen - 10 months 4 weeks

My dear son. I am starting to lose count of the number of times he fell off from bed. The first time was when he was 4 months plus old and till now we have no idea how he squirmed out of his way to the floor without moving the fortress around him. The last time he fell off was on Thursday. I ran out to the kitchen to unpack a packet of biscuits and that few minutes, he was found on the floor crying his lungs out. As a result, there was a blue black mark on his forehead. Sigh.

Just on Tuesday, his morning nap... Despite so much effort to glue my eyes on the baby monitor while preparing lunch, i must have been blind, deaf or the baby monitor failed me... Thank god and all when I opened the door, I found him on the floor playing and when he saw me he laughed. I guess he didn't suffer a fall right? 

He had learnt to climb down the bed proper long time ago but somehow after realising that diving out is more fun, things have gone dangerous. It was only the last Sunday, I repeatedly went through the correct way with him. Whenever he attempted to dive down, I say "Owen, please show mummy how to get down of the bed?". Surprise! He understood and from then on, he could come down proper but that fateful day he must have been in daze state after a nap. Hence, the fall. 

Attempted to read a book to him but it never lasted 1 minute because he will snatch the book from me. 

Every nap takes lots of efforts still because after all the latching that had satisfy his hunger, he will be up on his feet and repeat *99 times. If not, he will try his best to crawl out of the bed. Lots of wrestling before a nap. When I lose my patience, I grabbed him, made him lie on me and he struggled to get out of me. I need to give him a "scolding" and he had to cry to sleep.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Olivia - 38 months 2 weeks 1 day
Owen - 10 months 3 weeks 1 day

My daughter did an abrupt stop on our way to the carpark from a party that just ended. She asked me to take a picture of her and she started posing, finding a place to stand and started to run towards me when being asked to. Ah huh... Easy request. I am more than happy to snap pictures for you, my dear gal. 

My daughter loves music and dance. Seriously, I should not think too much and to sign her up quickly for such classes. Ok, let's do it tmr after the brother is done napping for the day. 

She was dancing in front of the large mirror while I was trying clothes. When we walked past mirrors, she stopped to look at herself. My little vainpot. She grabbed lots of clothes to the fitting room and we tried to hide half the stash of clothes with the fitting room station and brought half in and then, took another half out and proceed to the cashier. Did I mention Frozen Disney overdose as well? 

Last Friday night I went out to get some food for the brother's meals. She didn't want to follow but regretted so I waited in the car for her to come down and the first thing she asked me if her top matches her bottom??? Haha. Most times when she chooses her own clothes she will seek my opinion too. My little grown up has... grown up a little again.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Olivia - 38 months 1 week 1 day
Owen - 10 months 2 weeks 1 day

Colbar. Brings us back to our wedding day where we did a short shot of our wedding day. The seating area had expanded. The blue grilles and structure remain. The spoilt weighing scale at the main door remains. The old woman that I last saw was still there. What changed was us, now with 2 kids and a very fat hubby and me. Haha. 

It was quite a happy lunch because I got to feed Owen in peace and I could enjoy my hainanese pork chop because the big one is sleeping in her stroller despite the heat. Post lunch we walked, drove around and stop by. Took pictures because one day if this estate is gone, there's always a memory piece (picture) to keep for my kids who are growing way too fast. 

A pretty frozen dress was worn 3 times to date. Her birthday party in school, Disney on Ice show and the above. Did I say it's only £1.99? How cheap! 

I am sure having a sibling is fun. They are the true best friends by blood. Never regretted having 2 kids. It's such a perfect number. Time and money may get compromised but nothing of such can replace the perfect 2.

Having both is not just my greatest gift but theirs as well - to have each other. 

Olivia has been rather sticky to me lately. I guess it's all the efforts are reaping. I made it happen.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Olivia - 38 months 1 day
Owen - 10 months 1 week 1 days 

Mother's Day yesterday. Hubby planned a lunch at st Regis but it was fully booked. So last minute I guess it was hesitations and hesitations because our kids give us problems at tables. Haha. I don't blame him but much appreciated because he tried to see where else we can go but I said it's really ok because so pricey the menus. Instead we went to market and then followed by a hearty breakfast nearby. 

These days miss vain pot likes to ask me take pictures of her. 

Ahh, fussy pok refused to eat anything from this plate. She had very very dark choc ice cream at 9am. Asshole parents I know. 

Where do I start my thoughts? Random. So abrupt a start...

Dealing a boy with multiple allergies and dealing a gal with multiple mood swings. One minute happy, another minute PMS, another minute angry, another minute manja, another minute crying.

I would say, I must be crazy to say life is getting better with their multiple problems at the same time eh? Ahhh that's because the power of love (so cheesy but true) is thumbs up! 

You may judge me because I am almost (or already) losing myself by looking like shit everyday because in order keep up with not-to-be-late virtue I have decided to ditch that pair of contact lenses, to pick any clothes that I can nurse the boy easier(which is usually ugly) and to roughly match that red Hermes bag, not to waste seconds on choosing my matchy ferragamo shoes and not make up at all! Sometimes I really want to say sorry to Hermes and ferragamo for tarnishing their reputation because their items are on a shitty me. 

So positive me! I think it's okay! One day, this surely gets better with time. One day, oli give me no fuss before going out. One day, Owen doesn't need me to co-nap with him so that I can use his nap time to bathe, dress up and make up. One day... Ok.

Did I say it's ok to go for facial later, haircut later? I tried. It was stressful. Crazy 2 hours with some baby waiting for the boobs at home. And also, I can only do it when hubby is on leave and oli is in school. Ahhh, no I don't regret breastfeeding. It's just a nature that baby just wants you, rejects bottles.. Okok, I know this day will come but....

Happy 3rd Mother's Day to myself. They are still the best gifts that shape me into this Motherhood.

Crazy love there.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Olivia - 38 month 
Owen - 10 months 1 week

A 38 month old gal in our world means more noticeable independence. Means singing more coherently than before. Means better listening ears. Means lesser meltdowns. Means she will tell us she needs to sleep/eat or other basic needs. Means a lot more...

Simple things that warm my heart...

like reading a book on her own while I prepare myself or bathing her brother before she goes to school warms my heart...

like "helping" to take care of the brother while I step away to the toilet or kitchen...

like when told to wear her shoes while I go get change and she promptly does so...

like when she says "I love my mummy"...

like she tries to make her crying brother happy...

like she runs to me when I pick her up from school....

And a lot more.

Happy 38th month, my big baby!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Olivia - 37 months 4 weeks
Owen - 10 months 4 days

A 10 month old.

That was the Saturday that have gone and past. These days writing a proper post summons a lot of energy because the stamina in me is seriously depleting. The brain have gone stoning to all-thanks-to new found problem this month - Owen has multiple allergies.

To sum it up, he's gluten, fructose, cows milk, egg white intolerant. And to again sum it up, this results in weak immunity, wheezing and eczema flares. Ahhh... Anyway I have taken it well now and I have taken steps to counter this problem.

So far his skin is clearing up and we are happy that he's on the road of recovery from the nasty allergens. Ahh, here he is!

After losing 200g weekly, he's finally back to 10kg.

Oh boy, he's cruising the whole house and sweeps everything that he could to the floor. He fights with the sister and left her crying for an hour yesterday

That boy who invades every corner of the house keeps me very busy and tired. 

And 10 months of breastfeeding! We have came so far and it seems like it can go on further. We have done a great job here, baby.