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Friday, December 09, 2016

Olivia - 45 months 2 days
Owen - 17 months 1 week 2 days 

2 days late. Again. Haha. Ok, this round was because I was running a low fever. I felt alright and energized actually, with a few aches here and there. This evening, I realized I have clogged duct even after 17 months of breastfeeding. That explains the fever? It's not painful just that lump hasn't gone away because the boy has been comfort latching. 

Faith restored and I am now swelling with pride and joy with my big baby because she's...

The gal who told me that she doesn't mind trying to go diaperless for naps and all has been well since then. 

The gal who told me she doesn't need a diaper to go on stage because there's toilets in the changing rooms (gan jiong mum here afraid she needed to pee while on stage). Last year, she already made it without diaper on stage why would she need 1 a year later? What was I thinking. 

The gal who asked me if I am going for her concert because she is performing on stage. No more shyness already.

The gal who allows drop off at ballet class with zero struggle even though I told her, her classmates were not attending on that day. 

The gal who is trying to bathe herself these days, making sure she's free of soap before she's out. I know she's playing with water after the real bathing. It's ok! 

The gal who constantly reminds the brother he's going to school in January. Like a 大家姐. 

The gal who made me realize I am such a bad mum and at the same time won me over by making me a proud mum. 

Happy 45th month my baby gal! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Olivia - 44 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 17 months 

Today my boy turns 17 month old. As time creeps in, my heart beats a little faster, my breathing paused for a moment, feels a bit of runny nose (?) and probably shedding a tear or two. Because..... my baby is attending sch when he turns 18 month old. We are just 4-5 weeks away. 

My baby is bored at home, I tried to do activities with him but failed and I felt bad about it. He loves going out. He never fail to run to his shoes when I told him so. He loves to pick his sister up from school and he's always happy when I carries him out from the car seat at the carpark and he will point to the school and say jie jie. In the morning he unlatches the little school gate and sits on mat, trying to be part of the circle time. When we go for a car ride, he puts his tiny and yet chubby finger at he side of the car seat and leans towards the windows and watch the world goes by. When we goes to the parks, he looks out for dogs and swings both his hands to attempt to gain for their attention. He will say dogs! Woof woof! Today, before we reached our door step, he ran away to the direction of the playground and said "I want go". 

My boy is soon to reach the halfway mark to two year old. Time is such a horrible thing that makes us go crazy. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Olivia - 44 months 1 week 3 days
Owen - 16 months 2 weeks 3 days

Seriously so lack of updates. Oli turned 44 months 10 days ago and what have I been doing!?! 

And as they grow bigger, lesser updates too? Anyways, the throwing tantrums and meltdown days have died down a fair bit. Fair bit...means it's gg on still. 

One of the major tantrums was when she refused to leave the park and she pulled my shirt. The force was so great that she ended up slamming her face on the floor in the midst of the struggle. Sigh. 

Another one was she insisted to get a pair of slippers and a toy in a shop. We agreed to the slippers because she needed one but not the toy. One, it was very expensive and another was she doesn't need another toy. Also, she needs to learn that each time we go to a shop doesn't mean she gets to buy something every single time. Self control. Really lacking so must learn! 

So she cried all the way home and wanted me to remove her shoes. I refused and I needed to put Owen down for nap already. I chose to ignore her and she cried at the door. She removed her shoes and ran to the room and asked me to remove her shoes!?!? Crazy here. Got me even angrier and she went back to wear her shoes to get me to remove for her! So she got a few smack from his father on her thighs. 

So, here I have a strong willed (nicer to the ears) or rather a very brat gal in the making. Parenting is tough and when you fail to discipline your kids you feel you fail in parenting.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Olivia - 43 months 3 weeks 5 days 
Owen - 16 months 2 days

Today someone asked me how old is Owen and I said 15 months plus. Not sure was I in denial or I have yet to wake up when October had ended. Lol. 

This boy has kind of transited to single nap as soon as he turned 15 months but there are still days he asked for second nap or he falls asleep in the car if it is an evening ride. With single nap, he sleeps earlier at night which is good because I had always wanted an early bedtime for the kids. The sleep department hasn't really got better except that when he's asked to sleep he walks into the bedroom and on somedays where he latched and "run" away, I got angry and scolded him - "sleep!" (in that fierce tone). It works and i wonder when will this last. 

We are still breastfeeding. I realized I can't let go of this special bond. I like the way he latches halfway and he looks up at me giving me the best smile ever and sometimes he talks to me with his baby language. There were ouch moments when he pulls the nips or bites them. I dread teething because he keeps latching non stop thru the night. At least, giving him a comfort. 

On a great note, he takes on plant based milk with his straw bottle! It can be messy though. So in the aspect, we are ready for his preschool. With single nap it's really easier because I have stop latching him for the afternoon session and replaced with bottled milk unless we are out. It's easier to pace the time through the day with snacks given in between also. Now, there's even snack time post dinner. This also means, I hope to see a weight gain in the next check ok.

Also, with one nap, it means spending more awake periods. It's not that I don't like to but he can't sit still. I can't even read a book to him. He loves to play and walk around the house. Occasionally, he switches on the music player and dance.Lately, he likes to draws and writes on his sister's sketch book if not, the floor. Sometimes I get very bored, my maid usually will spend the aimless playing with him while I do some reading and yesterday for the first time I nap alone because I was so tired! 

It's also the first time I feel a very strong urge to go back to the work force. I know if I do, things at home won't be as in place as now. The kids will always be rushed, forced to wake up early, get picked up from school late, then late bedtime... so on. I spoke with an ex boss my thoughts. She told me why do I even wa to bother about going back to workforce. It takes a village to raise a kid, let alone 2 kids. If I don't have a strong family support it's very difficult to keep everything going. I know I know. Sometimes I lament about the non existence village but glad the blessing in disguise is what I have today - time with kids and hubby can work in peace. 

And so, gg back to workforce full time is impossible. Flexible working hours are probably welcome. Haha. 

Back to Owen. His speech is not fantastic but for me it's good enough! New addition as far as I can remember, he can say ...

I poo and somemore he raised his hands
Ji ji (Jie Jie)

Today he said drunk when I say are you drunk when was walking like a jelly! Lol

On some occasions, he can follow what I want him to say. 

Second child, still amazes me. I thought I wouldn't. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Olivia - 43 months 1 week 3 days
Owen - 15 months 2 weeks 3 days 

These few weeks things have been pretty in place except we are still dealing a screaming 3.5yo. My 3.5yo while resting on the bed with me, sat up and said, "mummy, I am going to be 4 years old". I nod my head only. I wanted to say more but the brother had fallen asleep. 

My gal certainly is growing up fast. She knows what she likes and demands for them. She wanted a princess cutlery set from wmf. Cough cough... very atas ah. 70bucks and so I said you don't need it. I managed to talk her out of it but still lose to her when she picked up a peppa pig trolley bag saying all sorts of reasons why she needed 1. What amused me more was when she couldn't decide between peppa and frozen. The look on her face to make that decision was .... like a teenager. And yeah, she's a threenager if I hadn't forgotten. Peppa was $9 cheaper than frozen. Hence, peppa made it home with us. Haha. 

My baby boy aint really a baby or in fact he isn't already. The poor memory of mine! He's really learning without us knowing. Morning, he dipped his hands into his spirulina powder and said "dirty". When Hello music was played, not only he was happy, he said Hello! A few times he needed help, he calls out for "Aunty" (our helper). When I pick up my car, he says "car". He says "ball", points my bag and says "bag". 

Very soon, I have no babies at home. Haha.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Olivia - 43 months
Owen - 15 months 1 week

Hubby's birthday today too! 

As each year pass by, celebrations get simpler also. Cake became cheaper, dinner became faster and more furious. No presents also because me is zero income and to buy is an action, to pay is from the bdae boy so kind of no point la. What we can say is, we are happy still for every celebration!

My Oli is 43 months and I tell you this month has been crazy. Dealing with all her bad habits which she had kicked off. Sucking thumb in the car is back, using phone during meal times is back and the need to watch peppa pig is also driving us crazy. Every single day, we need to deal with her crying and screaming la. 

Short one here. Too tired to write on!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Olivia - 42 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 15 months

This boy had a fun month. We went to Perth for a week, attended parties every other weekends, brought him outdoors, shopping malls.... He loves going out, always the first to run to the door when we say, wear your shoes please.

This boy can say quite a number of words already. 

Down - when he approaches to the lift
Go - means go out 
Bye - to the daddy every morning and sometimes run to the daddy for hugs because he copies what the sister does
抱抱 - means carry me NOW
Aunty - refers to our helper
Ma ma - me!
Papa - need to say more?
Dog - he loves animals!
Ga-roo - kangaroo

I think there's somemore but I can't think of now.

We are working on (are we?) better sleep? I kid you if I sound convincing that we are.

Trying to get him to pick up his pj. We are so not consistent so fail. Hahaha

Still afraid of gals. lol

Fun is play and no sleep and no food.

He must be sorely missing his holiday

Sleep on his own first time. Not bed, not stroller, not carrier but ntuc trolley.

Small body but big mind of his own 

Can't wait to go out everyday