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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Olivia - 35 months 6 days 
Owen - 7 months 1 week 6 days

We changed the orientation of the neglected nursery room. Neglected because the balance frame is not up still. Supposed to do wall paper for the room before CNY but not done. Supposed to pack the last hands me down but it has been around for 11 months and because they are toddler clothes for the boy and also we have ran out of storage space. Supposed to wash the alpha playmats but it was only recently (ok, not very recent) we have a maid at home. Supposed to pack all the SG50 stuff away but I don't where to put them. 

So with the changed orientation, that gives us a little more space here, looks less cluttered as well. But first, let's i-off the supposed things to be done. Probably really not doing the wallpaper only. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Olivia - 35 months 4 days
Owen - 7 months 1 week 4 days

Yesterday. Stayed at home the whole day and the boy napped so so well. We had so much floor time at the playmat and invading every corner of the sister's territory while the sis was in school. And... Licking every single thing. I am stopping the teether toys for the time being. I am not sure if they affected the rashes on his face. Currently half of the face are covered with red rashes and the antihistamine didn't seem to work. 

Boy loves the teether wafer a lot and finishes it very fast. I usually use the wafer to buy me some time or rather little time. 

Last night I went out to meet my sis and friends. Played by ear and decided to go if things turn well at home. Owen slept at 7plus and oli was settled by daddy. But! Son woke up when I was about to leave and daughter was crying to follow. Like drama, she hugged my arms and carressed my hair. I did contemplate to bring oli along but Wednesday night is really a bad day because the day nap is short to make time for her music class and I reckoned she will sleep in the car and continue sleeping in stroller so no point. So maid helped to carry Owen while hubby put oli to sleep and I rushed out, zoomed to meet the gals. 

So this morning, I saw a mini me. I tried to talk to oli but she pretended to not realize my existence and acted busy. This pattern is totally like me lor. I said we could go for an ice cream downstairs after school. Then she started to talk to me. So is like if someone (the daddy) says he will buy me a Birkin I will also talk to him la if he made me angry. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Olivia - 35 months 1 day
Owen - 7 months 1 week

First day of cny and managed to hold the temper with minimum effort and didn't scold any of the babies, including the big one. Hahahahah

As with the previous years, all of the brothers' families came over and I prepared lunch. Since I need to cook, I prepared easy food. Easy but tedious and luckily there's a helper to wash the aftermath in the kitchen. 4 rounds of bee hoon, endless blanching of veg and steaming of gyoza and buns I managed to put the food together just in time for their arrival. Suddenly I feel so capable to be able to serve food for more than 10 adults and so many children. Hahahaha. I still managed to put Owen down for nap and co nap with him even. Pat on my shoulder yo! Oli was extremely sticky to daddy and daddy had to juggle both while I slog in the kitchen. Thumbs up. 

Here you are giving you a rough idea the crowd:

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Olivia - 35 months
Owen - 7 months 6 days

Just cut my finger while cleaning the bathroom glass panel. Bleh. Also, rushed to prepare the food for tomorrow's lunch. Rushed to clean up some of the items also, at least the house look that wee bit presentable tomorrow. 

Read Dayre and saw in Facebook or Instagram that so many of my friends who are mummies also are so geared up for cny. Then I wonder why I am so disorganized and why things didn't fall in place this cny. Ok, I have done my best already with my current situation. I promise next year will be better. Oli told me she has no new pj while the brother is wearing a new pj. Seriously so sad but I didn't do it on purpose because Owen has a change to his whole series of pj lately. 

After co-napping with Owen for 45mins, I brought oli out for a short walk with her hello kitty umbrella to enjoy the light drizzle. 

One more month to 3years old. She told me it's Ainsley and her birthday soon today. Yeah, they share the same birthday and for the past 2 years they have been cutting cakes together in school. How fast they grow right. Where has all the time gone? I have mental block right now. I can't write on more about here but one thing for sure, I wish I have more time with her, vent less frustration on her (there's improvement already!) and still looking forward to have mummy and daughter time together. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Olivia - 34 months 4 weeks 1 day
Owen - 7 months 5 days

Long day out. When Owen woke up from his first nap, we headed out to Christine's house to collect my Amazon stuff. Yeah, oli has 2 new pairs of mini Melissa for cny and the mum has none. Remember? I didn't even go for the last ferra sales? So no new shoes. 

We call them didi and Mei Mei haha. So cute. 7 weeks apart and Mei Mei is catching up in terms of size! 

We met the gals at waterway and Owen was strapped in the carrier for 4 hours. Crazy. Very tiring can. I should have brought the stroller along but that doesn't guarantee he will sit also. Needless to say he cried the long journey home. So immune but still quite disturbed especially I can't hear the reverse sensor when I am parking the car. If I bang the car, I can only tell hubby that our son was to be blamed. Hahaha. 

I felt good after throwing so much stuff from the kitchen drawers and the fridge. 心血来潮 (I hope my Chinese is right here) one. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Olivia - 34 months 4 weeks
Owen - 7 months 4 days

I promised the gal an ice cream treat this evening and off we went to Great World. We ended up with lots of loots from cold storage as well. 

Boy, someone has moved a little more in his milestones. He was trying very hard and I only need to 扶他一把 and off he went! 

Hubby will be off tmr to pack the house and I will be out, with Owen of course. This cny, as with past years have been the same. However, the house is surely messier than before and needed much spring cleaning. I have decided not to kill myself over it. I know if I set a target to clean up the house, I would be very miserable because there's no way it can be done unless I give up my sleep and to hit the sack at 1am. The house is clean luckily, just messy. To me the mess is really an eyesore but seriously I know I am going to kill myself if I say I want to do spring cleaning. Also, I have no cny clothes, just all those random tops I bought over the past weeks, during sale somemore. I swear next year will be better?

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Olivia - 34 months 3 weeks 5 days
Owen - 7 months 3 days

Owen started his first porridge today. Prepared it with a mini slow cooker and mixed it with the pumpkin purée made the night before. I wouldn't say he showed much interest in the things I made but he usually finishes his food. 

I am supposed to make a batch of fruits puree tonight but I am so tired. I always say I will wake up earlier but each morning it's so difficult to wake up. 

Oli made pineapple tart cookies in school and the teacher was saying she's the only one who helped from scratch. Best performance in school today so far in 2016. Hurhur. Usually she chats during class, wanders off and brings her friends along.