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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 2 weeks 2 days

And I "finally" banged into someone's car after a total of almost 8 years of driving. Could have been avoided if I always park at my familiar carpark @ paragon. Or rather I didn't wanted to drive to Orchard because I could have taken a bus. No, I was late after rushing to send Oli to IFC, wet marketing, preparing for dinner and water disruption today because some repairs were going on. And best is, after filling up so many pails of water, there's water leh. What the hell..

Wanted to do a collection at Mont Blanc, collect catnip essential oil from pd and do some pj shopping for Oli before having lunch with Shiyun. Did all except shopping because I need to fetch Oli by 130pm.

And so I drove to save time and not money. Thinking an open space carpark saves time because I do not need to spend time to take lift also. So it's fated. I on my hazard lights when I saw an available lot and I reversed looking on the right only because left lot was an empty one. Because the carpark was curved, I didn't see a car coming and the car horned me but I don't recall so I banged his car. Sigh, his car plate came off and bumper was scratched. He was unhappy but was nice and calm and he offered to use my workshop but prefers somewhere in the east if possible. I don't have simi workshop la, we usually go to the original authorized dealer. So I ask him to go to his own workshop to get a quote. Very fast he got both honda and a nameless workshop which cost 700 difference. He was nice enough to go to nameless workshop and I transfer him 500 bucks an hr later. That's about it, end of story I hope.

This was what Shiyun sent me. I find it so funny. Hahaha.

Making this DOM chicken with red dates, wolf berries and danggui! Making spinach with ikan billis soup and steaming a fish! Helper will fry nai bai and that's our dinner! So happy. Sounds healthy also. Haha.

Oli napping now while her sweet potatoes are steaming in progress!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 2 weeks 1 day

That's Oli trying to use the remote control of the fan. She had succeeded to increase the fan power and turning on/off finally. By coincidence. Hehe. She has been very fascinated with us using the remote controller for tv and fans and have been trying to do the same like us when she got hold of one. Same for phone, she will place to her ears or bring the phone to our ears. How cute.

Today is music class in the IFC and Oli was enjoying herself beating the drums and shaking those instruments. She didn't fuss when I left and she grabbed her milk bottle from the teacher and drink on her own. My baby has finally grown up. At home, she was rejecting to hold her bottle earlier but these few days she's ok. I'm glad. Hopefully she can feed herself which I doubt so though.

I made old cucumber soup today for the family and Oli will have a bowl without salt. I will be steaming chicken for Oli as well. Hopefully she likes her dinner tonight like last night that she wanted extra rice!

Met kris and ys for lunch at itacho. I saw how kris was so patient to ys who was refusing his food and was making a mess as well. That makes me think was I too harsh on Oli? Every human has temperament and there will be things they like and don't like. That applies to my toddler. I can't expect her to like her meals all the time. We adults complain and why can't a kid complain? That unfair for them. I need to learn, to better manage myself and to understand Oli more.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 2 weeks

Just placed all ingredients into the pot. There's fig, red dates, honey dates, dried cuttlefish, half a corn, dried scallops and blanched spare ribs. Waiting to add my watercress and goji berries. There's yummy soup for dinner tonight! My helper is doing the rest of the dishes. Didn't want to be too ambitious because Oli is around the whole day. Oli is still in the top priority for now. Till she less clingy I can try more dishes. And yes, I fried bitter gourd with egg yolk yesterday. It's so yummy that I can bring myself to eat bittergourd, joining my hubby's favourite list of food.

Now chilling on my bed while Oli is napping. I hope she doesn't spit her lunch again like yesterday. Such that, it's as though she didn't eat her lunch and dinner. We even skip a bottle yesterday but no, it's the same. She rather dont eat. Chatted with E and her daughter is going through the same, exactly the same! They will eat for the first 10mins and then they started to spit.

This was what I have prepared for her. I sautéed the garlic, onions, carrots and tomatoes with cooking oil and olive oil. And then I tossed the angel hair pasta with the baby star pasta with the sauce I made. While tossing, Oli looked at the food with anticipation that I could see her saliva was on the verge of drooling already. While I fed her, she couldn't wait for the next mouth but after 5-10mins she started the spitting. Sigh, I was so so angry that I refused her. However, I melted and gave in when she hugged and planted a wet kiss on my lips while she was crying.

Her little pair of sports shoes that my sis bought from uk. They were so cute but right now it fits just nice only. Very soon she will be outgrowing them.

Yesterday we did a check out at Everton estate. Supposed to go nylon coffee but the look so cool cafe doesn't seem to be baby friendly. The drinkers were basically standing around the tall tables chatting and chilling away as if they have a beer or wine in a pub! I never expected drinking coffee can be so cool. Haha. So we went next door and have coffee and fries and did some reading. Walk Oli around and hubby found out another coffee hangout. The quiet estate has really so much to offer.

My helper tried to entertain Oli during dinner because she was wailing away at the highchair.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 5 days

Oli took so long to finally nap. Where did all the kids got their energy from! She was moving non stop for hours. 

Feels like Sunday today maybe because it's long weekend. I love long weekends even though I am not working! It means hubby will be with us and I won't be alone with Oli - I am seriously not sure why it's so tiring? Old or what? 

We returned the tuning fork and the book to Dr Khor and went for breakfast. Supposed to go to Assembly coffee for breakfast but it was so crowded at 9 plus 10. There were no baby chair within sight so we decided to pop next door Harched instead. Post breakfast we decided to check out Jacob Ballas nearby. Before we were there, Oli napped already but we decided to just explore around first. She didn't wake up at all. We personally prefer our usual Eco lake and Jacob Ballas seems more crampy to us. Feels more relaxed at Eco lake with the space given also. 

So we went home after exploring and Oli was still napping. We skipped lunch and I baked choc with choc pearls muffins today. Finally got the baking momentum back after so long. It all started with being pregnant and the baking ingredients were irking me then. First time malting this flavor and apparently it tastes good. Not too sweet, too buttery or too heavy. Like a healthy muffin. Not offering to Oli because I am not introducing chocolate to her as of now.

Oli is back to spitting of food. Yesterday she had old cucumber soup with drumstick and rice and was ok. Today, after quite a number of mouthful she spat her food. Sigh. We then bathe her hopefully she feels more refreshed and could eat. I placed her on the kitchen top and fed her. We then realised she didn't like the potato. I shall stop buying this brand of potato next time. She finished almost her lunch and I was happy. Lunch was so good actually - ABC soup in my homemade chicken broth and 1.5 pieces of dried scallops to go with 1/2 drumstick and rice. I thought all these would enticed her which it did but only for a while. 

Hubby sent me this link for a read yesterday. 

I would think number 3 fits me so well. In fact Oli is much better than before though the spitting saga is back. Milk wise, I am trying to reduce slowly. She takes in 4 sessions totally near 700ml a day. Double of her milk strike days ya. Morning she takes in 210ml and afternoon about 140-160ml and last feed at 180ml. Hopefully she does even better in solids.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 4 days

Oli slept before 8 and we are here chilling at the sofa at my mum's house waiting for our daily 9pm drama! Woohoo! 

Steam egg custard - made this since I can't go back to sleep when Oli woke up 7am for her usual first bottle. Also, last night I knocked out around 10pm! So was researching for recipes and there were so many out there to choose from. The one I chose apparently not very tasty. Will try the next recipe again. While Oli and hubby went back to sleep and only to wake up at 10am, I was packing the house a bit as well. 

We went to cafe at the west before our parent's place and the cafe did not have any baby chair. Oli sat on the usual chair and she insisted standing on the chair. And then she almost lost her footing and so I placed her on my lap while she had her afternoon snack that I prepared from home. 

Yesterday I brought Oli for a walk at botannical gardens. Been wanting to bring her for evening walks but was still struggling her afternoon routine. This week got better finally. Let her down from her pram and walked about with her and she had so much fun walking and watching the kids playing. 

Prior bedtime, selfie for for playtime:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 days

Sent Oli to IFC slightly earlier today because I didn't laze as much on my bed. Watched her having her breakfast on her own and she totally ignored me. I saw how independent she was. She doesn't need any suction bowl and could lift the bowl a little to reach out for the cereal. So different when she's home. The bowl and spoon would have long fly until duno where. 

Went to wet market and then pamper myself with Chee cheong fun breakfast. Not as yummy as the one at chevron but it's so much cheaper. Bought soya milk for myself too. I used to drink zero sugar level but I realised I have up my sugar tolerance. Sigh. 

As usual, me this 大姐 went to the usual vege stall to buy the next 3 days supplies and very happy with my lotus root black bean soup. Oli had a bowl for herself as well. 

Today's marination of pork chop went well and helper fried them for me. Made the soup in the morning and feels so happy that the soup was super tasty. Hahha. Getting more like a 大姐 already lor.. Keep writing about such stuff. I do enjoy cooking. Once hubby is so satisfied and had enough of what he had lost from all the not so tasty dinner the last few mths, I am gonna introduce healthy food.

When I picked Oli from IFC today, she was attending some Chinese lessons. So cute to see all the toddlers of her age seating together around the teacher. I peeped at Oli because I didn't want her to be distracted. I saw her participating well when being instructed to put her hand through the hole of the ring. She enjoys so much that she was smiling and shouting for attention. When the lesson was over, I called out for her and she was so happy to see me. She opened her arms apart and wanting me to carry her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day

Used to track Oli's age with months and now it's starting with year. How fast. Last year this time I was enjoying my maternity leave and I was considered doing well - Oli have already slept through the night, breastmilk stabilized, able to bring Oli with me to wherever I go and still drawing income.

Today, Oli has started her first music lesson in school and I participated with her! Oli has been walking a lot, assisted of course. She "talks" a lot these days and she has been saying "bye" here and there. She will shout for "mama" when I am away from her. Like today, she was on her high chair and she bent her body over to look out for me and shouted mama. She flips books well and loves to "read" aloud. She knows when the shoes are within her sight means she is going out or she can start to walk (as if she can walk). She listens to instructions more these days like, "wipe your mouth" - she will take a piece of tissue or hankie to wipe her mouth, "wash your hands" - she will place both palms together and does the hand wash actions, "where is the meow book" - she will look for the book, "drink water" - she helps herself with her straw cup, "get down the bed" - she will do a backward crawl and slide down the bed or sofa. The only I wish she listens, "please lie flat on your back" so that I can change her diapers in peace such that it wouldn't be like a wrestling going on all the time. 

Growing up too fast - I am thankful that she has been improving well on her walking because I am around to assist her. Just last week she was still using her upper body strength to support herself and these few days she has been slowly transferring her weight to her legs. Also she has been trying to balance herself without support. During bath time, it's so much easier now. She can stand with hands supported on the ikea stool while I wash her up. Oli maybe a late bloomer and I think she is just waiting for me to witness all the milestones :) 

She has been oh-so-sweet. We had naps together and she woke up before me. She planted a kiss on my lips and pat my tummy. While I continue to laze around the bed, she was playing around the bed. She then cuddled up to me and plant a super long wet kiss on my lips. Last night, I carried her and she hugged me with both arms and then she kissed my lips. While doing so she used both her hands to grab my cheeks. This isn't the first time she did it and particularly last night, she was just too sweet la. Oh my baby! 

That's Oli invading the kitchen with the ball. 
Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week

Got up 8plus and called Dr K clinic for an appt to get Oli vaccinated with MMR. We were worried on sat night with the news on this measles outbreak and SMS-ed Dr K. Anyhow, we managed to get Oli vaccinated.

Oli had her lunch late and I thought she would be so hungry. No, she finished half and spat as I fed her. So she had my share of garlic bread from Soup Spoon and so I reckon she is so sick of her baby food. I have been trying to give more like an adult food in a healthier version (no salt, no soy sauce or whatever sauce). So yesterday the so-called adult works but porridge is easier to bring out and easier to pack in the thermos and I thought since she hasn't had any porridge for yesterday she wouldn't have mind. Dinner was the same. I starved her a little and gave her dinner. The steam fish was probably the culprit because she had been having threadfin or salmon for the longest time. I am very cautious with fishes because I do not want to feed fishes with high mercury levels and I am not sure other than the ones that I have been feeding the rest are safe to consume? She didn't like cod fish also. She had lots of soup so dinner wasn't too bad afterall.

I have been cooking separately for Oli because I felt there's no rush to introduce extremely tasty food yet. Health is more important than anything for now. Let's get the foundation strong and she will be blessed with good health. Anyhow, she has a lifetime of those food. Seriously no rush. Also, my maid is leaving us in few months time and I don't want to train her to cook for the family such that Oli can join us with the same food on the table. Hence, I will satisfy hubby's stomach with his favourite food first and Oli later. I learned 2 new recipes today from my mum, one of which is hubby's favorite - pork chop.

We were at my parents place today and I was there earlier to learn those recipes. Oli had fun in her walker and had her favourite sweet potatoes for snack and she loves the soup my mum made. She had fun getting up and down the sofa and the bed and was so well entertained by all. She loves her favourite kitchen cabinet ever since she mastered to unlock them and she began to drag things out of the cabinet as well. I didn't quite like Oli to be in the kitchen but these days she loves to be in the kitchen. I can only make it a safe place rather than restricting her, hindering her world of curiosity.

Oli with her hands sealed with mittens and masking tape by Dr K. She was scratching her thighs badly that it bled.

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