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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 days

Sent Oli to IFC slightly earlier today because I didn't laze as much on my bed. Watched her having her breakfast on her own and she totally ignored me. I saw how independent she was. She doesn't need any suction bowl and could lift the bowl a little to reach out for the cereal. So different when she's home. The bowl and spoon would have long fly until duno where. 

Went to wet market and then pamper myself with Chee cheong fun breakfast. Not as yummy as the one at chevron but it's so much cheaper. Bought soya milk for myself too. I used to drink zero sugar level but I realised I have up my sugar tolerance. Sigh. 

As usual, me this 大姐 went to the usual vege stall to buy the next 3 days supplies and very happy with my lotus root black bean soup. Oli had a bowl for herself as well. 

Today's marination of pork chop went well and helper fried them for me. Made the soup in the morning and feels so happy that the soup was super tasty. Hahha. Getting more like a 大姐 already lor.. Keep writing about such stuff. I do enjoy cooking. Once hubby is so satisfied and had enough of what he had lost from all the not so tasty dinner the last few mths, I am gonna introduce healthy food.

When I picked Oli from IFC today, she was attending some Chinese lessons. So cute to see all the toddlers of her age seating together around the teacher. I peeped at Oli because I didn't want her to be distracted. I saw her participating well when being instructed to put her hand through the hole of the ring. She enjoys so much that she was smiling and shouting for attention. When the lesson was over, I called out for her and she was so happy to see me. She opened her arms apart and wanting me to carry her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day

Used to track Oli's age with months and now it's starting with year. How fast. Last year this time I was enjoying my maternity leave and I was considered doing well - Oli have already slept through the night, breastmilk stabilized, able to bring Oli with me to wherever I go and still drawing income.

Today, Oli has started her first music lesson in school and I participated with her! Oli has been walking a lot, assisted of course. She "talks" a lot these days and she has been saying "bye" here and there. She will shout for "mama" when I am away from her. Like today, she was on her high chair and she bent her body over to look out for me and shouted mama. She flips books well and loves to "read" aloud. She knows when the shoes are within her sight means she is going out or she can start to walk (as if she can walk). She listens to instructions more these days like, "wipe your mouth" - she will take a piece of tissue or hankie to wipe her mouth, "wash your hands" - she will place both palms together and does the hand wash actions, "where is the meow book" - she will look for the book, "drink water" - she helps herself with her straw cup, "get down the bed" - she will do a backward crawl and slide down the bed or sofa. The only I wish she listens, "please lie flat on your back" so that I can change her diapers in peace such that it wouldn't be like a wrestling going on all the time. 

Growing up too fast - I am thankful that she has been improving well on her walking because I am around to assist her. Just last week she was still using her upper body strength to support herself and these few days she has been slowly transferring her weight to her legs. Also she has been trying to balance herself without support. During bath time, it's so much easier now. She can stand with hands supported on the ikea stool while I wash her up. Oli maybe a late bloomer and I think she is just waiting for me to witness all the milestones :) 

She has been oh-so-sweet. We had naps together and she woke up before me. She planted a kiss on my lips and pat my tummy. While I continue to laze around the bed, she was playing around the bed. She then cuddled up to me and plant a super long wet kiss on my lips. Last night, I carried her and she hugged me with both arms and then she kissed my lips. While doing so she used both her hands to grab my cheeks. This isn't the first time she did it and particularly last night, she was just too sweet la. Oh my baby! 

That's Oli invading the kitchen with the ball. 
Today - 1 year 1 month 1 week

Got up 8plus and called Dr K clinic for an appt to get Oli vaccinated with MMR. We were worried on sat night with the news on this measles outbreak and SMS-ed Dr K. Anyhow, we managed to get Oli vaccinated.

Oli had her lunch late and I thought she would be so hungry. No, she finished half and spat as I fed her. So she had my share of garlic bread from Soup Spoon and so I reckon she is so sick of her baby food. I have been trying to give more like an adult food in a healthier version (no salt, no soy sauce or whatever sauce). So yesterday the so-called adult works but porridge is easier to bring out and easier to pack in the thermos and I thought since she hasn't had any porridge for yesterday she wouldn't have mind. Dinner was the same. I starved her a little and gave her dinner. The steam fish was probably the culprit because she had been having threadfin or salmon for the longest time. I am very cautious with fishes because I do not want to feed fishes with high mercury levels and I am not sure other than the ones that I have been feeding the rest are safe to consume? She didn't like cod fish also. She had lots of soup so dinner wasn't too bad afterall.

I have been cooking separately for Oli because I felt there's no rush to introduce extremely tasty food yet. Health is more important than anything for now. Let's get the foundation strong and she will be blessed with good health. Anyhow, she has a lifetime of those food. Seriously no rush. Also, my maid is leaving us in few months time and I don't want to train her to cook for the family such that Oli can join us with the same food on the table. Hence, I will satisfy hubby's stomach with his favourite food first and Oli later. I learned 2 new recipes today from my mum, one of which is hubby's favorite - pork chop.

We were at my parents place today and I was there earlier to learn those recipes. Oli had fun in her walker and had her favourite sweet potatoes for snack and she loves the soup my mum made. She had fun getting up and down the sofa and the bed and was so well entertained by all. She loves her favourite kitchen cabinet ever since she mastered to unlock them and she began to drag things out of the cabinet as well. I didn't quite like Oli to be in the kitchen but these days she loves to be in the kitchen. I can only make it a safe place rather than restricting her, hindering her world of curiosity.

Oli with her hands sealed with mittens and masking tape by Dr K. She was scratching her thighs badly that it bled.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 6 days

Finally I have changed my header and pic. Since my Mac was on, I decided to make good use by doing a change to the blog. Before this, it was written I was turning 28. Hurhur. Actually the main objective to on my Mac was to do the free photobook but it kept hanging on me if not the server is down.

Today was a good day. Oli was on routine except for her afternoon nap she rather play and I dumped her to hubby while I nap. Dinner was late because when I finish napping it was almost 5! Why was it a good day? First she didn't reject her food (because I starve her quite a bit before giving her lunch and dinner!). Secondly, she finished 2 bottles and her lunch by 12.15! When was the last time we can leave house at this time for brunch! Lastly, she kept herself entertained with a book and a stacker 95% of the time without our god send snacks. 5% was she wanted to get down and walk and she picked herself a book from the shelve and refused to leave the restaurant without the book. The first thing that came across our great minds - she will do that to us when she wants to buy a toy from a shop the next time.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 5 days

Made me blew my top again. Refused high chair and refused to eat proper. Desperate as we were running late, hubby carried her and I fed her. Half way through, she kept moving such that it was impossible to feed. I placed her on the kitchen top and I fed her!?!? It has been a series of toughness in feeding these days. I am not sure when will this phase be over.

The last few days I have been very fierce to Oli. Apparently it didn't help and she cried louder and longer. Not just the above feeding issues. She has been so difficult when comes to changing clothes and diapers that I think it's either I am going to sprain her body soon if not my hands. It dreads me to change her because my back is killing me and when she doesn't cooperate, it means I spend longer time bending my breaking back.

About her being a magnet, leaves me frustrated whenever I need to cook her meals or I am so bloody in need to go pee or even change myself during menstruation and I ended up staining my bed. Probably the next time you hear me, I wet my bed. Choy!

Last night, I sang lullaby to Oli when she can't soothe herself to sleep. She woke up suddenly, stopped her thumb sucking and she swayed sideways, back and forth to my lullaby. That moment, was so sweet that it totally melted me and took away all those frustrations I had.

I am still learning, hopefully I can attain to a level that whatever challenges I face I can take it come what may or be as calm as possible.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 4 days

So it had been 3 days of being a full time mum or not really because Oli attends infant care for the morning. Then why am I still so tired? Not used to? Or Oli zaps up my energy in hours because she has been so clingy to me and she regresses her sleep recently.

The infant care arrangement was thought of from them to let Oli to continue by taking up half day program. It was a pity because Oli herself have grown so attached to her friends and teachers. At first I hesitated since withdrawing from infant care was one of the reasons to quit my job. Then I am afraid of Oli having to go through the bout of illnesses again but again she seems to get so much better the last 2 months. Oli struggled so much and finally stabilized with her feeding issues and she started to join all the activities with the toddlers as well. It seems wasted to withdraw her at this point actually. So we decided to continue the half day progra. I am glad Oli is blessed by people who cares for her - it warms my heart to know her teachers care.

The last few mornings was good - all packed with what I want to do except that my photobook which is still due to complete. Afternoons are usually struggles and struggles with Oli to get her to sleep and hopefully she can do more self play like before. She is so clingy that I can't even go toilet. I can't even get out of her sight, or rather once our skin is off contact she starts crying. I hope things get better.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Today - 1 year 1 month 1 day

Terribly tired after a few hours of Oli sticking to me like a piece of magnet for solid 2 hours that I can't even go to toilet and I had to use one hand to feed myself dinner. She's learning to walk and so she treats me like a walker and wants me to walk with her. My back is breaking in 2, literally.

My mum had enough the last 2 days and raised white flag. She is glad she can go back to her mahjong table tmr. Had Oli been easier my mum said its fine. So tired because she can't walk, u know the transition to walking stage is very.....in gist, it zaps up all energy of u. Somemore, Oli is such a hard to coax baby when she gets angry or upset.

First day of not working - I woke up as usual surprisingly. I nua on te bed and went market and then to ntuc. At the market, this vege stall that is run by a youngster actually call me 大姐 without fail! Makes me feel so old. Oh 大姐! Sigh. When I wrote my age, I thought I was 31. But no, I really forgot. I am 32 this year.

Came home for lunch and went out to see a recruiter (total waste of time), had facial and went daiso. Came home again to change and pick the car to pick hubby and went back to Jurong to pick baby home.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Today - 1 year 4 weeks 2 days

Oli woke up at 530am (so early lor!) and I made her milk. An hour later we slept and we pasted kool fever on her coz she was feverish. Woke up at 910am for another milk and breakfast.

Attended Ryan's 2nd birthday party and Oli was less afraid of crowd surprisingly. This is the 3rd time we have been to the same place where they held Ryan's baby shower, first bdae and now 2nd bdae. I always quite like the place though the building is old. I like the idea that the family and relatives all stay in the same building on the same plot of land. Must be so blissful and fun.

Oli with my mum while I serve my last day at work tomorrow. Tuesday I will have my long overdue facial and meeting a recruiter. Didn't really want to see her but I thought just see how it goes and by the time when I am ready to be back to work it may just come ready.

Built a small play area for Oli at a small corner of the living room. Thanks to lovely uncles and aunties, Oli has so much toys that they have extended to the living room!

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