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Monday, October 17, 2016

Olivia - 43 months 1 week 3 days
Owen - 15 months 2 weeks 3 days 

These few weeks things have been pretty in place except we are still dealing a screaming 3.5yo. My 3.5yo while resting on the bed with me, sat up and said, "mummy, I am going to be 4 years old". I nod my head only. I wanted to say more but the brother had fallen asleep. 

My gal certainly is growing up fast. She knows what she likes and demands for them. She wanted a princess cutlery set from wmf. Cough cough... very atas ah. 70bucks and so I said you don't need it. I managed to talk her out of it but still lose to her when she picked up a peppa pig trolley bag saying all sorts of reasons why she needed 1. What amused me more was when she couldn't decide between peppa and frozen. The look on her face to make that decision was .... like a teenager. And yeah, she's a threenager if I hadn't forgotten. Peppa was $9 cheaper than frozen. Hence, peppa made it home with us. Haha. 

My baby boy aint really a baby or in fact he isn't already. The poor memory of mine! He's really learning without us knowing. Morning, he dipped his hands into his spirulina powder and said "dirty". When Hello music was played, not only he was happy, he said Hello! A few times he needed help, he calls out for "Aunty" (our helper). When I pick up my car, he says "car". He says "ball", points my bag and says "bag". 

Very soon, I have no babies at home. Haha.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Olivia - 43 months
Owen - 15 months 1 week

Hubby's birthday today too! 

As each year pass by, celebrations get simpler also. Cake became cheaper, dinner became faster and more furious. No presents also because me is zero income and to buy is an action, to pay is from the bdae boy so kind of no point la. What we can say is, we are happy still for every celebration!

My Oli is 43 months and I tell you this month has been crazy. Dealing with all her bad habits which she had kicked off. Sucking thumb in the car is back, using phone during meal times is back and the need to watch peppa pig is also driving us crazy. Every single day, we need to deal with her crying and screaming la. 

Short one here. Too tired to write on!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Olivia - 42 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 15 months

This boy had a fun month. We went to Perth for a week, attended parties every other weekends, brought him outdoors, shopping malls.... He loves going out, always the first to run to the door when we say, wear your shoes please.

This boy can say quite a number of words already. 

Down - when he approaches to the lift
Go - means go out 
Bye - to the daddy every morning and sometimes run to the daddy for hugs because he copies what the sister does
抱抱 - means carry me NOW
Aunty - refers to our helper
Ma ma - me!
Papa - need to say more?
Dog - he loves animals!
Ga-roo - kangaroo

I think there's somemore but I can't think of now.

We are working on (are we?) better sleep? I kid you if I sound convincing that we are.

Trying to get him to pick up his pj. We are so not consistent so fail. Hahaha

Still afraid of gals. lol

Fun is play and no sleep and no food.

He must be sorely missing his holiday

Sleep on his own first time. Not bed, not stroller, not carrier but ntuc trolley.

Small body but big mind of his own 

Can't wait to go out everyday

Friday, September 23, 2016

Olivia - 42 months 2 weeks 2 days
Owen - 14 months 3 weeks 2 days

Olivia's 42 months old post is long overdue because we were busy doing the last minute packing for a red eye flight to Perth on that day. My pretty little gal is already counting down to 4 years old because each time we scold or nag at her we always say "please behave, you are going 4 soon". 

4 is a small number I know. Who behaves well at 4? Not in this era I am sure. If you have a well behaved 4 year old, congrats. Here we are still dealing with parenting a 42 months old who is lacking of self control much. But says who parenting is easy? So I say, keep trying and never give up. I always hold dear to what I believe... Never say they are not big enough to not know because it's our duties to teach, remind and believe what they actually know.

On Wednesday where she has sports class in school, I need her to bathe in school (She usually change to a new set of clothings on other days). So last Wednesday when her relief teacher took over, she wasn't aware of this arrangement and insisted that oli should be changed only. Oli was so angry that she ran to the office and told her principal that her mummy has instructed her to bathe because it's sports day. And because I trust my 42 month old she knows, I stop writing in her communicator book after 2 times to remind her teachers so. I am glad I trust her, let her go and be independent and stop treating her like a baby. 

Oli has been unpacking her school bags when she comes home since a long time ago though it comes with nagging. She also makes sure her school bag is packed with what is needed as well. Before bath time, she undresses hersel and places dirty clothes into the laundry baskets. She dresses herself also. When she's tired, she asked to sleep or nap most of the time. 

I am so proud of my 42 month old. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Olivia - 41 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 14 months 

My little boy is not so little anymore. When I see him walking around the house and he no longer crawls I know this boy is done with his babyness. 

Why is it that I am always so emotional over their outgrowing from that babyness stage because it reminds me constantly where had all the time gone and have I put in my best so far? Why is it everytime that I say I will do better but did I? Why is it that I can't engage any educational activities with my boy? Then why and why and all guilt crawls in. Neverending guilt. 

As of now, we tried a few cry it out method for weaning and sleep training. Mega fail. I know. So tough yeah. Never once I regretted breastfeeding. I said I dread latching to sleep and felt yes I am done! BUT I know it will kills me or my little world will crumble when he's totally weaned off. 

My little man can say bye ba-ba, daddy, mama, jie Jie, down and he attempted to say aunty (my helper) today. 

He's a little man of no fear, he climbs up and down the sofa or any place that he could reach out. Walks up and down the dining platform. He attempts to run now! Walks on the bed! My heart  is often found in my throat. Not kidding. 

I used to tell my friends I really fear 12-18m stage because they are more aware now but still lack of expressing hence I need to deal a lot with their tantrums. For oli, she had lots and lots of meltdowns. Currently the boy throw a fit and rolled on the floor. 

Good luck to me! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia - 41 months 2 weeks 2 days
Owen - 13 months 3 weeks 2 days

My ballerina. 

It has been almost a month since i enrolled her into the ballet class near our place. She has been doing ok probably because her best friend from school attends ballet with her.

My baby gal is an independent gal. Even though we have a helper at home, she unpacks her sch bag, undresses herself to bathe, dresses herself up post bathing, feeds herself most of the time, makes sure her bag is packed completely before she goes sch and able to pack the toy area neatly, correctly categorized somemore. 

Taken 3 months back. I was putting the brother to sleep and the daddy Whatsapp me to say that oli has packed the play area on her own. 

Once I was doing laundry, she asked me to have breakfast first and she will help me out later. Another time, my hands were full of grocery bags and she offered to hold my car and home keys and said "later you drop, so I hold ok". When I feed her dinner that day, she carressed my face and gave me a kiss. Haha. So random. 

When they say gals are sweeter it's quite true. Let's see if Owen is sweet to his mummy when he grows older. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Olivia - 41 months 1 week 5 days
Owen - 13 months 2 weeks 5 days

My baby little man

My big baby

Few weeks back, we went to ACM. Every weekend, if there's no parties to attend, we usually crack our heads where to go. Places to go are aplenty actually but it's the hot weather that makes it tough. Just that weekend we went to botanical and the following day to ACM, Owen's skin broke because he has sun allergy. Not that we don't know, but Murphy's law is such that when you think the weather is great, it just had to be freaking hot when you reach the garden grounds. So the next day, we decided to keep the kids indoor by going ACM but because we can only park our cars at Parliament House, the walk to ACM was.... You imagine...Poor Owen's skin went downhill from then and the use of Tula made things worse because the friction against the skin hits the right spot where the eczema is. 

I have Tula and manduca. Tula was a newly bought carrier when I gave birth to Owen because I wanted a carrier to belong to each kid though my big baby doesn't use it anymore. Between the 2, if anyone were to ask me on which to get, the answer is the obvious. Tula has its pro because when I transfer Owen from carrier to bed, it's easier because it unbuckled easily (makes it less support) and hence less disruptive to transfer a light sleeper. Manduca is snug and the neck support is way better for an infant.

Ok, more pictures that was taken at ACM.