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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Olivia - 27 months 3 weeks 3 days
Baby bro - 2 day 

Baby bro is safely out to this world yesterday and mummy here vomited at least 20 times. The moment the epi was in I was already nauseated. When the gynae was in and started to cut me up, I didn't know even. I was so drowsy then. In fact I was about to puke. Then when baby was finally out after being pushed by 5 persons, baby bro let out gentle cries. When he was sent to my chest, I was almost puking and puke ultimately. 

Hubby was sent back to the ward and baby back to the nursery. I was pushed to the recovery area where I had my endless vomiting and the nurses even doubted I fasted. The whole evening was just puking and drifting in and out of my drowsy state till midnight and by 1am I was able to breastfeed him. I felt better after the last dosage of anti vomit medicine and managed to sleep for a solid 2 hours before they come in to take temp and blood pressure. The foot massager was so noisy that I could even sleep. It was a sleep that was owed to me in the last tri of pregnancy. 

Ok enough if the puking story, here are some pics.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today - 27 months 3 weeks 2 days
Little sweet pea - 39 weeks

Last shot of bump at home. 

Morning we went to get the last confirmation if a CSect is necessary. Indeed it was and I saw it coming. Baby yet to be engaged and not even at the brim. If we continue to wait, we don't know when will it be and how big will it be. All these lower the success rate of vbac. Weighing all the pros and cons we decided that CSect is the best option for baby. Like I said before, I have to embrace it well. I did despite being so unprepared still. I guess if I go for natural and into labour I will be unprepared still. 

So after the scan we quickly went to have our vegetarian meal before I need to fast. I really need a can of coke now! Went to salon to do my hair wash and went home to pack all the last minute items into the hospital bag. I even managed to wrap Oli's present which I didn't intend to. I miss Oli so much now. I wanted to go see her in school before admitting to hospital but it's her nap time. 

So right now, I am in my ward poo-ing. They just inserted something into my ass to clear my bowels. I did ask the nurse if I can try my best to clear myself. Hahah. Took my temp and blood pressure. So now waiting for people to wheel me to the opt theatre. Seriously, I am quite scared because I know how is it like this round. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Today - 27 months 3 weeks 1 day 
Little sweet pea - 38 weeks 6 days 

Phew made it till now. Meaning at least my gynae is back if nothing goes wrong. I even got hubby to check what's the timing of the London flights. It was such a stressful week. Baby has been cooperative then. Ok baby, you can come out now! Hahahaha!

It was such a hot morning. I sat in front of the fan after I got Oli ready for school. She was playing on her own. She has been such a nice gal today. Daddy left for work on time and she even said goodbye to daddy and told daddy, "listen to mummy". I bathe her without hiccups. Usually she runs around if not she cries when I washes her hair. 

Final stop - finally did my manicure and pedicure. On my way up from carpark, bump into a stranger who said if I am having twins and my tummy is very low. Ok....hahahaha. 

Oli slept in the car on the way home from school and I ate my lunch and joined Oli in her nap right after. We woke up together and did juicing together. She went off to play while I ironed clothes. Then she came to me and told me poo poo coming out. When I checked her, indeed! So I got her to dance around while she finished her business and off we bathe. Usually it's so hard to get her to bathe. It took a little effort to get her to eat her dinner also and after so many days she finally finished her food. We went down for a walk and that's about it mainly. Ahhh, I will miss the daily strolls and naps with her! 

Whether tmr is the D-day or not it's still unknown at his point. Let pray hard what has god and baby plan for the birth plan. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today - 27 months 3 weeks 
Little sweet pea - 38 weeks 5 days

It was such a long day as if. Morning was  tiring that I nap for a short while till my sil came. She helped me with wet marketing  and so passed me all the stuff she bought for me. Hubby had our bedsheets changed and I did laundry. 

Jeanette and family came over with pratas and duck rice and we finally had our long overdue meet up. It was quite chaotic at first because we rushed to feed Oli, hubby went to buy mil's lunch then the home care nurse came. Everything happened at the same time. Then when Jeanette and family left, Oli took so long to nap and 20mins into her nap she vomitted. Luckily she continue to nap and before that when I asked her she feels ok she could still answer me. I guess it's a once off vomit because she seemed to be okay and active after her nap. I took the chance to nap for a while and then prepared mil's dinner. Cooked rice because my mum is bringing her food over and in between, I did laundry again! Why so many laundry one! 

Parents and sis stayed for a few hours and Oli had companion from her grandpa. That meant free-ing daddy's time for more things to be done. When they left it was almost 10 and Oli was still awake! I wiped here and there for 30 mins before I finally rest and now writing while chatting with Cindy on some signs of labour. I have been having menses cramp but it comes and go very fast. The discharge continues to be heavy and I could feel them discharging. It really feels terrible and no signs of recovery for my flu and cough. 

Baby, please stay till at least tmr evening when the gynae is back. After which you can take your time to be out. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Today - 27 months 2 weeks 6 days
Little sweet pea - 38 weeks 4 days

Oli saw her pd for a follow up this morning. Did a swab and now waiting for the results. Spoke to pd about my condition and she felt I am worried and not ready. Is it all over my face? She said she could tell all weight gain is solely on my bump. Usual me would be very happy to hear but now I think back it's kinda strange that I keep losing my weight here and there and yet baby had grown well. I don't know if it should be an inverse relationship on the weight gain between the mum and baby. Nevertheless, everything is too late. Just have to eat normal and well these few days despite being sicker now. 

Today I asked myself why do I want a vbac. Then I realised my answers are all revolved around Oli's care post delivery. I felt so unfair for the brother. No matter what, lowest risk must be adopted for his health and safety sake. Hence, whatever Dr Chin suggest on Tuesday morning I must gladly accept because she should understand the situation better than I do. What I can do these few days is to train my brain to be open minded to both options. To increase my willpower if vbac is possible and to readily accept a CSect would be great as well. Most importantly, if vbac happen and baby can't come out naturally, I must gladly accept e-CSect with an open mind too. 

Meanwhile, just hope technology fail and the next ultrasound shows baby ain't that big afterall.

Post pd visit, we went cedele and Oli took so long to finish her pasta that I have to attract her with a chocolate drink for that 2 spoons. 

Oli has been behaving like this every morning when the daddy is bathing.

At the pd clinic.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Today - 27 months 2 weeks 5 days 
Little sweet pea - 38 weeks 3 days

Was quite a relaxing day except morning we had to deal with Oli's sticky-ness to daddy that she wanted her daddy to sit with her for breakfast and she cried so badly when daddy left for work. Daddy was late for work and Oli was so late for school as well. I laid on my bed for an hour and then packed the toilet and cleaned a bit before heading lunch with Rinda. 

Oli's new bed arrived and I went to wash my hair at a salon to avoid the superstition. Ok, the hairdresser asked if I am having twins!?!?I came home and ironed hubby's pants and wiped the kitchen cupboards. It was still early but I went to pick Oli because I wanted to feed her the kiwi I got for her. However, she came home and requested for dinner. We went down to wait for daddy because she's been asking for daddy for the past hr at home that she refused to finish her dinner. 

Finally washed the stroller and removed the seat to get ready for the infant seat. Washed up the flask to be used for confinement drink and trying out the best way to utilize the wash basin we got from ikea. Feels good when things are I-off from my imaginary checklist. 

Tmr to clear the barang from robinsons bags, clean altar table and laundry. Oli's pd appointment tmr! 

Baby, don't come out this weekend ok? I know it's very cramp and 30th is the golden date! Dem stress, heavy discharge and lower ab pain today. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today - 27 months 2 weeks 4 days
Little sweet pea - 38 weeks 2 days 

Today's scan shows that baby is still heads down. Usually it shouldn't breech right by next scan. So the worry is sort of over. I asked bestie at this point people anxious to see when their baby make their debut. BUT ME, and oh why me is worrying baby breech or not la. So the new worry is...... Baby is now too big for a vbac based on my covering gynae that I visited today. Seriously, I can't wait for the opinion of my own gynae but she will only be back on Tuesday and I need to decide immediately if I am going for CSect on the same evening. If so, I need to admit and fast before the desired feng shui time. What!?! How to manage on that morning? I haven even thought of ot yet. 

3.8kg - even if there's a usual margin of error in the estimated weight, it shouldn't be too far off. Seriously, that 4 small pieces of durian were so potent. For Oli, I didn't have any durian. She has a normal birth weight of 3.2kg at 38 weeks. Then I heard so many stories from my friends that the calories of durian actually goes to the mum. I thought I was all ready to bear the calories but baby took the good stuff away leaving me losing weight instead. Good thing and baby, you win and now you are so fat. Hahahaha. 

Yesterday someone asked me if I am having twins again. Why huh? Can't say I am going to give birth? I don't know if I am in denial. I don't think I am that big. 

Our dear Olivia is behaving like a baby in school and at home. Kept wanting the daddy to carry and whine all the time. In school, she whined the whole afternoon away! Back home, she refused to bathe until I closed myself behind the doors and she came in on her own and said "mummy" in an innocent tone and caress my bump and leaned her head on it. How not to not melt! Then post bathing, she got down from the changing mat and wore her shorts like a little grown up. While she was doing that, I was away to wash my hands. When I was back, she stood upright and say she wore the pants on her own. Lol.