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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 3 weeks 3 days
Owen - 3 months 1 day 

Just spent 90mins on ironing and waiting for washer to be done. Tired die me but not sleepy. Not sleepy because I have been having naps. Woohoo! But wait, because without body contact with Owen, he really can't sleep long!!!! So even if I napped, it's not the shiok kind. These 2 days were worse, my boobs were so readily for him. When he stirs a little, he helps himself to the boobs and go back to sleep on his own. 

What wasn't within my expectations were that someone is so cooperative with wearing mask! She knows she can only take it off indoors or in the car. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 3 weeks 2 days
Owen - 3 months 

Hi! Has it been 3 months? My little man may not be the best napper but he's just a baby. He needs lots of cuddling and carrying because he's a baby. He needs to suckle all day long because he's a baby that feeds well. No baby is perfect but my little man, together with his sister makes love so blind that I simply love them so much. I embraced in every flaws (too strong a word) that comes with my Little man. Before I know it he would not want those cuddling and carrying or (touch wood!) he will be fussing over food. Let's embrace. I really did and that's why I am again enjoying every single thing about motherhood for a newborn or rather, not so new born. These 3 months I felt I pulled it through well enough despite some hiccups it's because I really use every part of maternal instincts to make things work. Like, breastfeeding or his poor skin condition. Probably I have learnt so much from my experience with Oli. 

One of those mandatory monthly shots

Owen engages very well with the cot mobile now. He was smiling at his friends and I took him away for nap and he got angry. After 15minutes, I brought him back to his bed, he was only pacified. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 3 weeks
Owen - 2 months 4 weeks

This was what I did to my son. Lol. Supposedly tried on Oli's head but it was too big and placed it on Owen's head for fun. After the fun, it became Oli's toy. 

Oli and Ally at Eloise's 3rd birthday party sharing a tent together and both getting along well as they grow. 

Thanks to our kids, we have been quite close. 


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 2 weeks 5 days
Owen - 2 months 3 weeks 5 days

Woke up 520am and fed Owen. Collected my pump from sterilizer and expressed my right boob. I usually sterilize one set of the pump because I only express my right boob. Realised I need another bottle after 4mins of pump and went back to the kitchen to pour 100ml into the storage bag. I continued my pump. This round I did almost 20mins because I was doing dayre reading. Too engrossed that I didn't mind expressing. Then I realised i yielded only 60ml the 2nd round. I sort of accept the fact that the body had regulated what is needed for Owen. Any extra is really extra. Actually I didn't want to express any milk (too lazy) but I did for several reasons. Most of which is to maintain supply (to have a little surplus) and to give away to my friends who need them. It was really a good idea because I still feel it's a little early to store and if I really want to store, I would need to invest in a chest freezer which I read and believe it keeps froze bm at tip top quality. No space and not wanting to spend extra, I decided not to be overly kiasu to keep so much supplies having learnt from my previous experience. Breastfeeding supposed to be cheap anyway or rather free. I didn't do it for saving money though.

Ok digressed too much. After expressing, woohoo! I was wide awake. I cleaned up the altar table. Put the clothes to washer and washed up the bottles and pump set. Took out some meat from freezer for lunch preparation. I wanted to do more but I am beginning to feel the heat. If I sweat, I can't bathe because it's still early and I will wake the whole village up. Hence I went back to my bed and started planning the menu for the coming week and do up my marketing list. Tried to read up on articles relating to "project xx" because that's the only way to make me go back to sleep as it can bore me a lot. So I slept till 9 when Owen woke up for next feed. Oli already had breakfast and played lots that I felt so guilty for leaving her in the living room and hubby was sick. 

Basically we stayed at home till evening we went out for dinner and Oli had a small walk at botannical with her lantern. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 2 weeks 2 days
Owen - 2 months 3 weeks 2 days 

This little man. He has started to turn his body sideways such that I only need to gently push him a bit and he's on his tummy. He. Laughs at some point he screeched.. He. Makes "hurrr" sounds when he coos, especially when I sings to him. But he. Naps poorly if not being carried. But still, I love him. Thanks to him, giving me a chance again to love a newborn.

Daddy and son. The son finally stop crying at this position. Also, he was hungry but I really needed to wash the dirty toilet and bathe. I really couldn't find a time to wash. Then I needed bathe. Before that I was cleaning the kitchen. Thanks for waiting. I know I shouldn't do all these at ur hunger expense but I can't just drop everything because I have already spent 95% of the day time to play, feed and put u to sleep. Some things have to move on still. I hope you understand. 

I went Taka today to buy lantern for Oli and walked to ion's daiso and treat myself a koi drink. Happy as I was I thought I can sample mooncakes but the little man wasn't napping! He wasn't making any noises but I needed him to nap. He usually slps well in stroller that's why I decided to come out today to run some errands with him. So he's strapped in the carrier and I was pushing an empty stroller most of the time because everytime I put him down he wakes up. With him in the carrier and a stroller makes it very hard for me to sample mooncakes with the crowd. So I walked one round, got Oli a lantern and left. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 2 weeks
Owen - 2 months 3 weeks

Today was spent resting home from the exhaustion on weekends. 

On Saturday, we attended Andrea's baby shower. Probably, we stayed too long. We reached Christine's house at 12 plus and stayed till 5ish. I ATE a lot, like a glutton. Hubby asked me how many rounds I ate. So probably I ate too much that I felt so tired.

On Sunday, I woke up at 530am to feed Owen and I expressed my milk as well. Put the clothes to washer and it was already 630 I left home for market. Bought breakfast home and stocked up food for the week and then realised Thursday is a public holiday. Damn, I have an extra pack of veg and duno what to do with it now. We then had kimchi lunch steamboat at Kai's beautiful home. Even hubby was impressed by how the house was done up. Must be the kitchen island, makes everyone go wow. It was supposed to be a gals lunch. I mean no strict rules on being just gals but usually in our gathering, we don't bring our husbands with us. Owen and mummy comes in a set because Owen doesn't take bottle as of now. It wouldn't be good for Oli to know that I am only bringing Owen out without her. Hence, all of us has to go together so no one is upset. Hahhaa�� We went straight to my mum's house hoping that Oli will nap in the car but she didn't. She had so much fun at Kai's place that I thought she would knock out in the car but she wanted to burp and breastfeed her baby in her car sea and went on and on.. Didn't even attempt to sleep ok. So u imagine what happened during dinner and bedtime for a kid that didn't nap. We wanted to leave earlier but it was my mum's birthday. By the time we cut the cake it was already 9pm. Oli fussed here and there and woke Owen up making me very upset because it's very difficult to make Owen back to sleep. 

Is it an age thing? What we did on weekends wasn't exactly that exhausting as it sounded right?

Owen woke up before 9 and Oli was all prepared for school before 830! That again gives us ample time to have a mini playtime together. Usually we sit around Owen and sing some songs and have mini conversations. Owen will always be looking at his sister, smiling at whatever she says. I bathe Owen before sending Oli to school so Oli can join in to "help" with the bathing of the brother. 

When I came home, I put Owen down for his first nap and within minutes he slept but because I didn't carry him he woke up half an hour later. I was preparing dinner when he woke up. So I strapped him in the carrier and continue what I needed to do. When I was done, I removed him from carrier and he woke up as I was expecting it. So the whole cycle of putting him to sleep starts all over again such that it overlaps his second nap, he slept straight 4 hours with 2 hours I was lying beside him latching him on when he threatened to be wide awake. In between I had 2 hours to myself for lunch, reading and I had 2 mini cones! I ironed clothes, kept the dry laundry away and I went back to his side to nap a little and he woke up. Played him a lot, sang songs to him and he was very satisfied at his bouncer for more than an hour while I cooked dinner. Fed and put him down for his final nap and I quickly fetched Oli home. The final nap is always a short one like 15mins because I can't stay beside him long enough. Everytime I come home, the caregiver always give me the same line without fail. "He woke up when you were away". Sigh. I don't how to deal with his 3rd nap because it clashes with the time i needed to pick Oli. Okay, just tear me into 2 then. And because of the short nap, he turns cranky easily and its when I need to attend to Oli's needs. Still thinking how to make this better.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Olivia - 30 months 1 week 4 days 
Owen - 2 months 2 weeks 4 days

Not cooking today so I had ample time to bathe my little boy. Hence, took a few pictures of him. Every picture of him is too cute for me! Sorry ah, I just want to think my son is the cutest. Hahahah. 

Then he napped "OKAY" in the morning nap and I even had the chance to iron some clothes. 

Morning was great because Oli ate and bathe early such that she had so much time to play with her brother. Brother was cooing and smiling so much and Oli was so happy. She told me she didn't want to go school!

We went out today, making full use of my "off day" (non cooking day). Met up with Irene and E-Ling at Cornerstone. If the weather was good, I would have stroll Owen in the park. 

Like this photo of Owen. Something different from his usual picture.