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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today - 25 months 1 week
Little sweet pea - 28 weeks

So I have officially entered into 3rd trimester of this final pregnancy. I regretted that I should have taken more bump pictures with the same clothes to track growth but the early morning sickness then fell sick made me not in the mood of anything. Anyways, no more next time. I will still remember how I look like though. 

Not sure if this coming final trimester brings a whole different experience from the first. I hope no rash, no itch, no infection unlike the first but little weight gain and small appetite like the first can. Gained abt 5kg so far and I have a feeling I will be hitting 10kg this round. Sigh... At the rate I am eating.. Sometimes I think it's a little too scary. 

We went for our monthly routine scan today and baby is still heads down. Phew! We had a 3D view of our boy and man, that feeling of nose and eyes swelling with happiness is priceless. We saw the side view and it looks like his nose bridge is obvious. Oli's flat nose bridge was so obvious in the scan previously. Baby is around a kilo and this is of good weight :)

My little laundry helper. She was doing some drawing at her table and demanded fiercely that her daddy cannot leave the table even for water break. So to help the daddy, I requested Oli to push the laundry basket back from the yard to the bedroom. Prior this, she wanted us to tie her hair. So cute! 

She scolded us, "naughty daddy" & "naughty mummy" and gave us a spank on our thighs. I can't remember why and it was so funny that she was trying very hard to look fierce and we both felt she looked dem cute! We told her to play on her own since we so naughty and she ran out and I found her seated outside with her toy. 

She decided to come back and felt sorry for what she did by being so cheeky with the daddy. Then she demanded daddy to lie down and she started to comb daddy's hair. When daddy closed his eyes, Oli shouted "no sleep!". 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Today - 25 months 4 days
Little sweet pea - 27 weeks 4 days 

We went out early today for a picnic with the usual gang and man, it was terribly hot! Even when Oli was out in the sun came back shortly to the picnic mat in sweat beads all over her face. We had bubble session, sand digging and kite flying. Very lovely morning spent just that it could be made better if weather wasn't that hot. Basically, I did nothing much. All I did was to stuck my butt on the playmat. It's very difficult to get up and down these days with a bump. 

We returned home for a quick nap before heading out to the temple and as usual we were late. We prayed and ended up doing marketing at Zhongshan Mall. Oli picked a yellow care bear after so much considerations on the colors available and wanted us to pay at the cashier. Hence, making a big drama with so many people looking at a crying toddler who only wants a bear. We seriously have enough of soft toys at home. She was pacified in the car finally but kept asking for the yellow care bear all the way home. 

We came home and bathe her and realised her diaper rash were really serious that she was scratching and whining in pain. It's been a while since I felt heart pain for Oli. She was so in pain and itch. We are airing her bottom for a few hours for now hopefully it gets better by tmr.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Today - 25 months
Little sweet pea - 27 weeks

1 more week to gynae's appointment and very interested to find out if baby is still heads down. Let's see. At the rate that baby is moving, I am so afraid he might just flip around and become a breech baby. Unfounded worries, nothing I can do so I have been trying not to think that much.

This round, I feel bump is big. Just few weeks ago, a few asked if I am giving birth... Like soon... I personally think it's not that big. I hope I am right and not in self denial that I have grown bigger and not fatter. 

Today also marks 1 year since I have stopped working. There were good and bad times but in a nutshell, it's a fulfilling year and I have never looked back. I lost the income but most importantly, in this 1 year, I spent lots of my time with my family which money can't buy. There was this particular day when I brought Oli down for an evening walk, she saw her daddy and ran and shouted daddy openly that many eyes were on them like with an envy. That daddy and daughter moment was priceless and pure joy. I don't deny I am also trying to go back workforce end of this year but you know life needs money too. 

Oli turns 25 months today! It was really a fun month. I love how vocal she is and the amount of conversations we have been holding really amazed me. Hence, less whining. The songs that she sings as well. Like today, it began to rain on our way home from school and I asked her if there's any songs she wants to sing. She goes, "rain rain go away, come again another day". Lyrics complete, no less. 

A few pictures on this month:

She came home and requested for a song to dance. 

She had Easter Monday celebration in school and was wearing the bunny headband with pride in school. At home too. 

Because I am the new maid at home, she wants to help me out.

We went to see off LKY and she was rather well behaved. 

Her first taste of mummy's favourite.

Still loving her dad like her lover.

Disturbing the daddy on a weekend morning by stacking pillows on him.

Celebrates grandpa's bdae

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Today - 24 months 4 weeks 1 day
Little sweet pea - 26 weeks 5 days

Just got hubby to measure my bump and I grew 2cm in a month which I thought it was okay until I compared the size with the first pregnancy.... It was the size when I was at 32 weeks. I hope these are not fats but water. Always praying for 2nd time lucky that I can lose all pregnancy weight within a week. 

The backache is killing me. I turn to the right, little sweet pea jump like he's having a great time. When I turn left, I am not used to it. Then I lie flat and I am so not used. Hence, I hasn't been sleeping well. The itch around the bump is starting to kill me as well but I shan't complain because when I had Oli, the itch started during the first trimester and became very bad along the way that I often had to run to the toilet at work to spray anti itch oil. Omg.. But less than 13 weeks to go. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Today - 24 months 3 weeks 3 days
Little sweet pea - 26 weeks

Hi! Little sweet pea... You have been moving so vigorously... Yes vigorously and in the middle of the night that you woke me up several times! Whilst feeling so nice to feel the movements, it also makes me feel tired during the day due to lack of sleep! At 26 weeks, you are of a size of an egg plant. Omg, so much you have progressed on! 

I went to Mothercare today to take note of the items to buy for little sweet pea. The feeling of excitement is back and feeling more real after some hard facts of going through all this all over again. I know it's going to be all over again all this while but it didn't hit me hard enough till a friend was telling me that last week. She says the lack of sleep, pumping/breastfeeding, and so much that it's all over again. Then I really really realise I am less than 3 months into this all over again. Also, I can't be out freely like now. Everywhere I go I need to bring my baby along. No more facials, massage, gym, shopping and lunch appointments. Worse, this round we have no maid. I worry for my meals since I will be breastfeeding. I can also say the experience I had brings me to just play by ear. Just need to keep cool and chill and things will fall in place. 

Olivia has been very vocal and loud these days. Even the teachers commented to me. So now I need to teach her "soft voice" and probably talk lesser also. When I picked her up today, she was dancing incy wincy spider in class. As usual, she will stand in front of the class and dance. My little grown up :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today - 24 months 2 weeks 6 days
Little sweet pea - 25 weeks 3 days

We placed Oli in school for full day today so that we can go to pay our last respect to our dear LKY. I refused to post anything on social media other than here because only my blog is a private place shared by a few friends. I felt any mourning is private, solemn and personal. Hence, no selfies, wefies or claiming how many hours you have queued in social media.

We were lucky that an express queue was opened up today within the priority queue for the handicapped, families with strollers and pregnant lady like me. Being heavily pregnant and the lack of stamina was really blessed to get into the parliament in less than an hour. My thighs hurt in this pregnancy was suddenly gone  before queuing probably due to the determination to pay the last respect for LKY. 

We didn't want to bring Oli along because we were unsure how long was it going to take, the heat and suffocation that many warned and most importantly I am not sure if she's going to have a meltdown amidst the crowd and that will be too difficult to handle. When Oli grows up in a bit to understand better, I will educate her on how we have reaped the benefits from LKY's hardwork over the decades. Hence, anyone who feels they didn't make it with their children, it's really ok. 

I managed to bow a for a few seconds in front of the lying body and sadly for the first and last time, I am so near him. I teared a bit here and there over the last few days. I wasn't a born Singaporean and was blessed to be one when I turned 8 and I took my oath to be one at age 21. I remember so clearly at that point of time, I told my mum I am proud to be a Singaporean and glad that my parents came to make a living here. Along the way, I may have complained but who had never complain a single thing about Singapore seriously. Don't lie if u didn't, coz it's really ok. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Today - 24 months 2 weeks 2 days
Little sweet pea - 24 weeks 6 days

Oli woke up 5plus this morning and hubby broke the nation news to me. While the reality has yet to sink in, oli was crying for me and her diaper leaked and then she shouted for milk. It took a while with the coaxing, milk feed and diaper change before she fell back to sleep. I can't sleep when the reality finally sets in. Hence, when I slept I overslept and hubby even prepared breakfast for me and got Oli to sit on her stokke alone with her yogurt.

One of those things that came into my mind - I am thankful for what we have today and that our children will continue to benefit from all the fruits of labour. At the same time, without LKY in the coming years for my children, I felt a little scared, somehow. I don't know if anyone feels the same like I do.